The second film in the Godzilla anime movie trilogy, City on the Edge of Battle picks up right where Planet of Monsters left off. Quick recap. Godzilla has taken over Earth and the remaining members of the human race have fled the planet along with two alien races, the Exif and the Bilusaludo, on a spaceship called the Aratrum. Now they have returned and find that thousands of years have passed and the Earth has evolved because of Godzilla. A small group lead by Haruo Sakaki tried to kill Godzilla. Having believed to have killed Godzilla the group discovers that all they did was kill a baby Godzilla, the real Godzilla has grown much much bigger and is even harder to kill.

Haruo was injured in the attack against the real Godzilla and he wakes up in a hut. Humans have survived on Earth and become more primitive. A young woman named Miana saved Haruo. Miana’s twin sister Maina doesn’t like Haruo much but the two sisters use telepathy to talk to the survivors to find out what’s going on.

Galu-Gu, a Bilusaludo, realizes that MechaGodzilla is still alive. The Bilusaludo built the robot using nanometal, a living metal, and the remains of MechaGodzilla has built a city/factory in the time that it’s been left on Earth. They decide to lure Godzilla to the city, let the nanometal engulf him and then kill him. The twins warn against the nanometal but the group decides to go with the plan. Naturally it doesn’t work out leading to the third movie.

While the first movie was entertaining and intriguing things start to go off the rails here. The pacing starts to slow down and the overarching theme of humanity versus fusing with something greater than humanity in this case the nanometal and losing individuality. This theme comes up again in the next film. Like I said before I always root for Godzilla and I find myself getting pretty tired of the single angry kill Godzilla motive of the whiny Haruo.