I have watched a lot of Godzilla movies, just about all of them. With the exception of one or two I have seen most of the 35 films featuring Godzilla.

A couple of years ago Toho Studios decided to make an animated movie trilogy. These films are more futuristic sci-fi films than the previous Godzilla movies. Set in a world where humans have been chased off of Earth by Godzilla they have been travelling through space with two alien races, the Exif and the Bilusaludo. The aliens helped what was left of humans to escape and they have been traveling to a new planet for 20 years.

The refugees arrive at the new planet where a colonization shuttle consisting of only the elderly are scheduled to go to the planet first. Young Captain Haruo Sakaki threatens to blow up the ship if they land on the new planet believing the planet to be inhabitable and the ship is just trying to get rid of some of population because they are running out of food. He’s captured and imprisoned and the shuttle is launched. The ship explodes trying to enter the planet’s atmosphere. Left with no more options the survivors decide to go back to Earth and kill Godzilla.

They return to Earth to find the planet changed. While they have only been gone though do to space travel, 20,000 years have passed on Earth. The planet has become a jungle and plant and animal life have evolved because of Godzilla’s presence. Sakaki is released and has a plan to kill Godzilla. He is allowed to take two battalions to Earth where they find themselves unprepared for the changes to Earth.

The animation for this movie is pretty good and some of the ideas are interesting. The main character Sakaki is kind of annoying with his obsessive compulsive need to kill Godzilla. Having watched so many Godzilla movies, many where he’s the good guy I find myself always rooting for the big guy no matter what. Two more films followed.