In the 1970s, producer John Dark and director Kevin Connor made a series of lower budget fantasy films. Most of the films were in the lost world category with the first three being adaptions of Edgar Rice Burroughs works.

The last two were original stories, Warlords of Atlantis in 1978 and the last was this 1979 adventure film, Arabian Adventure.

Evil Caliph Alquazar (Christopher Lee) wants a magical rose for sinister purposes.

Naive adventurer Prince Hasan (Oliver Tobias) is in love with Alquazar’s daughter Princess Zuleira (Emma Samms) and agrees to find the rose so he can marry the princess not realizing that Alquazar plans to double cross him. An orphan boy named Majeed (Puneet Sira) with a monkey helps the prince on his adventure. Along the way they fight monsters, encounter genies, Peter Cushing, Mickey Rooney and try to save the day.

The movie is silly and the effects are a bit wonky but that all adds to the charm of the film. Kino is releasing the movie on Blu-ray this week.