At a bus stop a man named Jim (Aldo Ray) gives a light to a man named Ben (James Gregory). Ben leaves on a bus and Jim goes to a bar where he meets Marie (Anne Bancroft), a model who borrows five dollars from Jim.

They make a date and Marie gives Jim her name and address. Jim runs into two men John (Brian Keith) and Red (Rudy Bond). They want their money – $350,000 and Jim claims he doesn’t know where it is.

The two men are bank robbers and stole the money. They fled to the woods where they ran into Jim and his doctor friend. John and Red killed the doc and tried to kill Jim, wounding him. In a mix up Jim ends up with the money but loses it in the woods.

In the present Jim races to Marie’s to save her from John and Red who think she’s in cahoots with Jim because they found her name and address on him.

Meanwhile Ben seems to be keeping an eye on Jim. Jim explains everything to Marie and together they go back to the woods to look for the money with Ben following them. John and Red aren’t too far behind.

Directed by the brilliant filmmaker Jacques Tourneur (Cat People, Out of the Past) the movie is fast and intense.