Robert Ryan is brutal cop who beats his suspects and finds himself in trouble with his superiors.

After ignoring a warning from his boss Ryan beats another suspect for information. The suspect threatens to sue the department and Ryan’s boss has had enough. He sends Ryan up North to help in the investigation of a murdered girl.

Ryan goes to the Sheriff’s office and gets filled in on the case. The sheriff and Ryan go to the victim’s home and talk to the girl’s sister who saw the murder. Just then yhe killer has been spotted on the road and Ryan and the victim’s father Ward Bond take off in hot pursuit.

The trail leads them to a farm with blind Ida Lupino as the only resident. She claims she lives alone but Bond finds mens clothes forcing her to inform them about her mentally disabled brother. Ryan becomes close to Lupino and tells her he will try and bring her brother in alive.

Directed by Nicholas Ray this moody film noir is beautifully shot. When Ray fell sick Ida Lupino directed the movie for a few days uncredited. Ryan and Lupino are excellent and it’s pretty good little noir.