Dennis O’Keefe is Joe Sullivan,a crook who is serving time for a robbery. He meets with Ann Martin (Marsha Hunt) in prison. Ann is Joe’s legal case worker and she wants him to reform. Joe has another visitor, Pat Regan (Claire Trevor), Joe’s girlfriend. She tells Joe that he’s being broken of prison that night.

Joe is prison because he’s taken the fall for his boss Rick Coyle (Raymond Burr). Rick though doesn’t want to share the $50,000 from the robbery and has now orchestrated the jail break hopping that Joe gets killed.

Joe survives the jail break and goes on the run with Pat. Their car breaks down and they end up taking Ann hostage and using her car.

Meanwhile Rick finds out the Joe is still alive and sends out a hitman to kill him. Meanwhile Joe just wants to collect his money and leave the country but finds himself falling for Ann much to Pat’s dismay.

Director Anthony Mann followed up T-Men with this film noir crime thriller. It’s a pretty good crime noir and as always Raymond Burr makes an excellent villain.