Anthony Mann directed this film noir about two undercover treasury agents trying bust up a counterfeiting ring.

Dennis O’Keefe and Alfred Ryder star as two treasury agents who are assigned to go undercover and try and infiltrate a counterfeiting gang. They start in Detroit where they join local crime boss Carlo Vantucci’s gang. From there they get wind of big player named The Schemer who works out of Los Angeles. O’Keefe goes to L.A. while Ryder stays in Detroit.

O’Keefe makes contact with The Schemer and then tries to work his way into seeing the big boss. Meanwhile Ryder gets sent to L.A. to work with O’Keefe and The Schemer but his cover gets blown by his wife’s friend.

The movie was shot on very low budget and in a realistic semi-documentary style. The cinematography is excellent. As far as gritty film noirs go this is a pretty good undercover cop movie. Anthony Mann would go on to direct several classic westerns with Jimmy Stewart