A woman drives up to a riverbank and dumps a body of a woman in the river. Later Doctor Génessier (Pierre Brasseur) identifies the body of as his daughter Christiane Génessier (Édith Scob).

Christiane was in a terrible car accident which left her face disfigured. Doctor Génessier says that Christiane was depressed and commited suicide.

Several young women have gone missing over the last little while. After the funeral Doctor Génessier and his assistant Louise (Alida Valli) return to his estate where the real Christiane has been staying. It seems the good doctor and loving father has been kidnapping women and cutting their faces off so he can try and graft a new face onto Christiane.

Soon Louise has found a new victim and Christiane has been calling her old boyfriend Jacques (François Guérin) who believes that she’s dead. Jacques works with Doctor Génessier and takes his suspicions to the police.

This is an awsome horror movie. Director Georges Franju manages to create a creepy and strange atmosphere for rhe film.