Becoming a new parent is a scary thing. It’s even scarier when you’re worried there might be something wrong with your child. Frank Davis (John Ryan) and his wife Lenore (Sharon Farrell) are expecting their second child. There is only one thing wrong with their new born child. It’s alive.

In the delivery room the newborn baby has been born…..different. He has fangs and claws and proceeds to kill the entire hospital delivery staff. The baby escapes leaving behind bodies and blood.

Frank is terrified that his child is a monster and wants the baby destroyed. The media gets wind of the incident and Frank loses his job because of the publicity. Man fathers monster. The police are searching for the child to kill it.

Meanwhile the baby is leaving behind a series of bodies as it searches for its way home and for blood. Meanwhile the pharmaceutical company that made the drugs that Lenore took during her pregnancy is desperate to kill the child and cover up any connection that the monster baby has to their company and their drug.

The child makes to the Davis home and Lenore embraces her baby and hides it in the basement. Frank and Lenore’s first child Chris (Daniel Holzman) has been staying with family friends while the search for the baby continues and gets homesick and runs away for home. Chris finds the baby and promises to protect it. Frank finds out that Lenore and Chris are hiding the baby and gets a gun to go kill it. Naturally things go wrong.

Director Larry Cohen made a lot of low budget horror movies that were really good. When this film was released in 1974 it barely released at the time.It got second release in 1977 to where it did much better. Two sequels would follow both directed by Cohen.