The shunting! The shunting!!

Young Bill Whitney feels out of place with his family. His folks are rich and part of the upper class society. Jim Whitney (Charles Lucia) and his wife Nan (Connie Danese) and their daughter Jenny (Patrice Jennings) are different from Bill. Bill is more down to earth and they enjoy the rich life.

Bill has a therapist, Dr. Cleveland (Ben Slack), who reassures Bill that everything is fine. Jenny’s ex-boyfriend Blanchard (Tim Bartell) plays a tape to Bill where it sounds like his family is having an orgy. When Bill replays the tape for his therapist, it becomes a normal coming out party.

Bill notices more and more strange things. His classmates look at him as an outcast. He accidentally sees his sister in the shower and the outline of her body is……off. Bill tries to find Blanchard but he is apparently dead from an “accident”.

Bill meets Clarissa Carlyn (Devin DeVasquez) at a party but when she tries to get him in bed again her body moves in ways it shouldn’t. Bill starts to become frantic and then things lead up to one heck of a party.

Brian Yuzna got to direct this movie if he would direct Bride of the Re-Animator. The ending has to be seen to be believed. It is beyond messed up.