While on vacation in 1986 in Santa Cruz, young Adelaide Thomas wanders away from her father and into a funhouse. Inside the funhouse is a hall of mirrors where Adelaide is attacked by her doppelganger. When her family finds her Adelaide is unable to speak.

Present day Adelaide (Lupita Nyong’o) is now happily married to Gabe Wilson (Winston Duke) and they have two children, Zora (Shahadi Wright Joseph) and Jason (Evan Alex). The family has decided to have a vacation in Santa Cruz in the old family homestead. Adelaide is anxious about going back.

They go to the beach where they meet up with friends Josh and Kitty Tyler (Tim Heidecker, Elisabeth Moss) and their twin daughters Lindsey and Becca (Noelle Sheldon, Cali Sheldon). While relaxing at the beach Jason wanders off and finds a strange man dressed in red who seems to be bleeding. Adelaide panics and races to find Jason. After they finds him Adelaide makes them go back to the cabin.

That night a family appears in the Wilson’s driveway. They are all wearing red jumpsuits like the man at the beach. They attack and take the Wilson’s hostage. The Wilsons realize that these people are their doppelgangers. The leader of the doppelgangers is called Red and is Adelaide’s doppelganger. Red is the only one who can talk.

Red informs them that they are the tethered and they have come to untether themselves from their counterparts. After several fights, Gabe manages to kill his tethered counterpart and the rest of the family manages to escape. They go to the Tyler’s house only to find that the Tylers have been killed by their tethered counterparts. They also find out that this is happening everywhere.

Writer/director Jordan Peele decided to follow up his excellent Get Out with this movie. It’s really good and pretty intense but I’m not sure its as good as Get Out is. Still a fun horror movie.