with Paul Kuzbik

Paul is the singer and guitarist for Saskatoon’s new rock band The Nightjays, who are doubtless looking forward to playing live shows on the other side of Canada’s coronavirus clampdown. In the meantime, here are six songs he considers favourites. /Gregory Beatty

“Good Grief” | Foo Fighters | Foo Fighters (1995)

My favourite songs do two things: the music tells me what it’s about before the lyrics, and they change how my body feels on a cellular level. The second is super important — it’s the feeling I always chase from music. Since I first heard this song in sixth grade it’s always made me want to punch a hole in a wall. I love it.

“Keeper” | Reignwolf | Hear Me Out (2019)

At some point as a Saskatoon guitarist, you’re going to cross paths with Jordan Cook. One of the nicest guys I’ve met, and also one of the baddest guitar players on the planet. “Keeper” is my favourite because it balances Reignwolf’s total chaos with brilliant hooks.

“Momentary Truth” | Matthew Good | Moving Walls (2020)

Matthew Good’s music had a huge impact on me growing up. I’ve always identified with how he embraces the darkness lyrically, and there are times it feels like he’s singing right to me. He writes from depths I hope to one day visit.

“One of These Days” | Grady | A Cold Cup of Poison (2007)

Gordie Johnson is a complete badass. It’s crazy, actually. This tune is one of the finest examples of that. Long live Gordie!

“Paradise” | Terra Lightfoot | New Mistakes (2017)

I really think the next era in music is gonna be guitars and drums and killer live rock bands again. It’s time! Terra is a superhero in this realm — one of the best rock shows on the road right now. I’m learning all her songs in case she needs a guitar player.

“Strange Currencies” | R.E.M. | Monster (1994)

I discovered R.E.M. late, but at the perfect time. It got me through a hard period recently, and listening to them in my house was like finding out my imaginary friend was real and was reaching out through the speakers to say “we got you”. That’s what music has been for me throughout my life — a home. All these people I hear who touch my heart and soul are a big family, and I take great comfort in it. Music is one of life’s purest joys, and I’m really grateful for it.