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Cover Feature
Off The Grid
Tomorrow’s leaders confront today’s issues in our annual collaboration with Saskatoon’s most environmentally aware students

Downsize And Reorganize
Police budgets soar while social spending stagnates. It’s not working but there’s a better way to make society safer

Inaction Kills
Saskatchewan has Canada’s highest suicide rate but no plan to fix it

The British Three Million
The land of Brexit just invited half of Hong Kong to move in

Science Matters
Road To Recovery
The pandemic shows rethinking highways and streets can drive down species decline

Film Interview
Atom Egoyan Returns
The Canadian auteur reminds us that memories and bus drivers can’t be trusted

Film Review: First Cow
Milk Of Human Greed
Kelly Reichardt revisits familiar themes in this period western

Film Review: The Outpost
Death Valley Drama
This real-life Afghan battle-pic reveals a detached, clueless brass

Television Man
Episode 22: Warrior Numb

My Music
Deluxe Coronavirus Split Album Edition