with Eden Paige

Eden is a young Saskatoon singer-songwriter who has partnered with the local organization Love My Mind to support teen mental health. Eden recently premiered a video for her song “Save Me” which, she says, shines a spotlight on the daily pressures and struggles of teenage life. See edenpaigemusic.com for more information. /Gregory Beatty

“More Hearts Than Mine” YouTube
Ingrid Angress | Lady Like (2019)

This song has a vulnerability that I just love. It’s about opening yourself up to someone and reveals how the potential for heartbreak involves more than just the two people in a relationship. It’s such an interesting concept. Each verse leaves me wanting to hear how her story turns out.

“A Million Dreams” YouTube
Ziv Zaifman, Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams The Greatest Showman Soundtrack (2017)

This song is from one of my favourite movie musicals. I performed it with Saskatoon Expressions for Telemiracle in 2019 and I’ve sung it in a school talent show, so it’s close to my heart. Its encouraging lyrics make me feel empowered to chase after my hopes for the future.

“Jersey On The Wall” YouTube
Tenille Townes | Living Room Worktapes (2018)

Most music I listen to tells a story, and this is no exception. Tenille took the devastation of losing a loved one and put it into a beautiful tribute. A stunning melody and well-thought-out lyrics make this one of the most beautiful and emotional songs I’ve heard.

“Scars To Your Beautiful” YouTube
Alessia Cara | Know It All (2015)

I admire how Alessia Cara never apologizes for being herself. This song has an empowering message for anyone who may feel like they aren’t what society defines as beautiful. Her inspiring lesson is about self-acceptance, and that our scars are what make us unique and beautiful.

“Shotgun” YouTube
George Ezra | Staying At Tamara’s (2018)

“Shotgun” is just a favorite feel-good song that I love to blast loud and sing along to. It gives me the feeling of being without a care in the world. It’s so fun and upbeat.

“Die From A Broken Heart” YouTube
Maddie And Tae | The Way It Feels (2019)

Being a teen, I connect to this song and to how it confronts growing up and learning the lessons that go along with that — like experiencing heartbreak for the first time. The message is so relatable, and I think the song is simply gorgeous. I’m a huge fan of Maddie and Tae.