with Jay & Jo Trudel

Jay and Jo are a Saskatoon-based roots duo. The sisters have two albums to their credit: Grounded and Light (2017) and Victory, which was released in July. Here are six songs they consider favourites. /Gregory Beatty

“High Hope”

Glen Hansard | Rhythm and Repose (2012)

If you’ve ever seen the indie-film-made-musical Once you’re no stranger to the absolute magic Glen Hansard is capable of. This song of hope and the resilience of love is one of my favourite insights into his genius. He’s got the voice of a lion, a soul to match, and shares them through some of the most honest tunes I’ve ever heard. He’s a daily go-to for me. (Jay)

“Remember, Remember”

Madison Cunningham | Love, Lose, Remember (2017)

You don’t have to listen to Madison long to hear the Joni in her sailing vocal runs and rhythmic, poem-like phrasing. This tune is a splash of cold water in the face of anyone who’s letting life pass them by. Sombre and sage and groovy as hell — that’s Madison! It’s been the fight song for my 20s. (Jay)

“Northern Sky”

Nick Drake | Bryter Layter (1971)

This anthem for the tortured soul straining to believe in love is one of Nick Drake’s most beloved songs. A chorus full of questions, “would you love me if…?”, resonates with anyone who’s aware of their own brokenness. Nick wasn’t afraid of his and though it crushed him he left a beautiful legacy for us. (Jay)

“Help Me”

Joni Mitchell | Court and Spark (1974)

Joni, like us all, has seen the fire of love and desire rip hearts apart. The fear of falling in love/in love too fast has Joni begging the other to forsake all for her sake. She leaves the question hanging in this honest tune — to love another or choose personal safety? (Jo)


Steve Earle | Guitar Town (1986)

COVID-19 has turned many lives inside out. For me, I moved back to the farm where I grew up. When I did, this song began to run laps in my head. Earle sings of the longing angst for something beyond, to become something “other” — and it rocks the soul’s boat. (Jo)


William Prince / Reliever (2020)

William is one of Canada’s hidden and treasured contemporary songsters and vocalists. In “Wasted,” he uplifts and encourages a love of life — reminding us to chase what moves you, to love deeply, and not waste a moment. (Jo)