As of this morning, the global number of COVID-19 infections has exceeded 620,000. With the virus just beginning to make inroads into heavily populated countries in Africa, Central and South America, and south-east Asia that number is expected to soar in the days to come.

The total number of cases in Canada currently sits at 4757, which puts us at #16 on the global list for infections. A major wild card for Canada is the border we share with the United States, which has surpassed China and Italy in recent days to become the world leader in infections. With tens of thousands of Canadians having recently rushed home from winter getaways in Arizona, Florida and other “snowbird” locations, and the virus having a 14 day incubation period, our numbers will surely jump.

At present, Quebec has the most infections at 2021 2498 — which is over twice as many as Ontario which currently has 993.

Newfoundland, with 102 120 cases and a population of 529,204, has the highest number of cases on a per capita basis. So far Manitoba has had the most success at limiting the spread of the virus. It currently sits at 39 64 confirmed cases with a population of 1.36 million. That number compares very favourably with Saskatchewan  (population 1.16 million) where 104 134 cases have been reported.

A per province breakdown of infections can be found on this Government of Canada website. An adjacent graph showing the rate of growth in each province can be accessed by mousing over the province.