with Angeline

Regina-born-and-raised Angeline was recently featured on American artist/producer Rico Love’s 2020 album Emerging Women of R&B. “He flew me down to Miami where I spent two days recording the track “Perfect”,” she recalls. Next up for Angeline is a project called four which she plans to release in 2021. Here are four songs she considers favourites. /Gregory Beatty


Mila J | Split Personality (2006) | YouTube

Mila J has long been one of my favourite female artists. She influenced and inspired my taste and style in music. “Complete” is one of my top songs by her. I love it all, from her tone and melody choices, to the vocal and musical arrangements. You can always gimme some of that Mila when I’m out driving or travelling, and I’m more than happy.


Jhené Ft.Namiko | Souled Out (2014) | YouTube

Jhené Aiko is my favourite female artist — which is no surprise, as her older sister is Mila J. I grew up watching Jhené on YouTube before she was a well-known artist and would sing along to the covers she put on there. Her music relaxes me and helps me find comfort in so many ways. I love her voice, and tone, and how she writes her feelings through her music in a way that I can relate to. I chose this song because it reminds me of my late grandmother and my daughter whenever we are away from each other.

“Dream A Little Dream Of Me”

Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald | Ella & Louis (1956) | YouTube

Growing up, my love of rhythm & blues and jazz was inspired by my parents and grandparents. These two artists, to me, are musical legends. And I love every part of this song, from the band to the voices, which mesh so beautifully together, making it a song that will never grow old. This song is one of many from that era which reminds me of my family and always puts a smile on my face.

“Come Winter”

Drake | Room For Improvement (2006) | YouTube

Drake is one of my favourite male artists. His being Canadian makes it so much cooler (pun intended). There is nothing I don’t love about this song. So much so, that after all he’s accomplished, it’s still my favourite song by him to this day. I love everything from the production to his delivery. I love his ability to tell a story in song, and I find it captivating.