with Melodie Gliem

Melodie is the lead singer, rhythm guitarist and songwriter of the Regina band GLIEM. GLIEM recently released a new song, “Everybody Wants to Feel Alive,” and will perform on Telemiracle in late February. You can learn more at reverbnation.com/gliem. /Gregory Beatty 

“Vital Signs”
Rush | Moving Pictures (1981) YouTube

I could never pick just “one” favourite RUSH song! Reggae, rock-inspired guitar riff, solid intricate bass, rock vocals and thought-provoking lyrics, Rush created their own sound. You know right away when you hear them who you’re listening to. Geddy, Alex and Neil, each a master of their musical craft.

“Love Alive”
Heart | Little Queen (1977) YouTube

Soulful vocals of Ann and beautiful acoustic guitar picking of Nancy. This song feels like someone searching for hope: “Suddenly a sunbeam arch thrilled me to my weary heart, it was the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.” I used to sing this song in my band. It brings me back to a specific time in my life. Music has a magical way of doing that!

“Bring On The Night”
The Police | Reggatta de Blanc (1979) YouTube

When I discovered The Police I went backwards to hear more! Sting, Andy and Stewart rock! This is a brilliant guitar-picking riff that creates a haunting, poetic, dreamlike atmosphere. I love how The Police often create a contrast between their lyrics and music.

“You Don’t Need Excuses To Be Good”
Sloan | Commonwealth (2014) YouTube

Great rock intro, distinct Sloan sound with a glimpse of Beatle-esque vocal harmonies and soaring chorus! This double album has a side of songs each from Chris, Patrick, Jay and Andrew! I’m a music nerd, and always try to say hello and get a picture with them every time they play here. I wrote a song inspired by them called “All The World”.

“The Chain”
Fleetwood Mac | Rumours (1977) YouTube

A thunderous drum kick, haunting virtuosic guitar picking, driving bass surrounded by Fleetwood Mac’s mesmerizing vocal blend: Lindsey, Stevie, Mick, John and Christine create a distinct musical sound with their once-in-a-lifetime chemistry.

“Cornflake Girl”
Tori Amos | Under The Pink (1994) YouTube

Opens with an amazing piano riff and groove! Great vocal presented in a lyrical stance and style of Tori Amos. I love her bold spirit in writing. She reminds me of a female David Bowie. My music teacher used to have me sing Tori’s songs. This led me to discover more of her musical genius. I thought “Wow, this is different. I love it!” End of story.