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April 8

Art Versus The Plague

Saskatchewan’s cultural sector has been pummelled by the pandemic. What’s next?

Bring Back The Movies
Film and TV could bring millions to our economy, if we want them

Quarantine Brazil Now
Deaths and mutations spiral out of control as a deranged president says vaccines are for wimps

Science Matters
The Common Good
The pandemic reminded us why science, democracy and equality matter

Film Review
Faux Grit
Cherry is a lightweight Requiem for a Dream with Avengers’ production values

Film Review
Not Great Out Doors
An ambitious sci-fi/horror flick stands on the porch and fumbles for its keys: Doors

Film Review
Closing Time
A Leonard Cohen-type faces trippy reckoning and a very overused song in Cherry

Television Man
Episode 29: Wanda Revisions

My Music
with Lyn Besse McGinnis