Theresa’s big break in music came when she was Canadian Idol runner-up in 2004. From there, she’s gone on to release five albums, highlighted by her debut These Old Charms which was certified Gold. Most recently, she’s been collaborating with fellow Saskatoon artist Jesse Brown. Here are her six favourite songs. /Gregory Beatty

“Inspiration Information”
Shuggie Otis, Inspiration Information (1974) YouTube

I remember hearing a song by Shuggie called “Strawberry Letter 23” on the radio when I was a kid, but I didn’t hear this record until it was reissued in 2001. It completely changed my life. I could not get over the fact he played most of the instruments on the album AND produced. He was totally ahead of his time and completely underrated.

“All Over”
Phoebe Snow, Second Childhood (1976) YouTube

Phoebe’s voice was like a dream to me. I was obsessed with how different it was from everyone else. Her vibrato completely messed with my mind. I loved her control and range, and just the fact that the moment I heard one note I knew it was her and that was such a treasured comfort.

Harry Connick Jr, She (1994) YouTube

I was obsessed with Harry Connick Jr. in my high school daze. He started as this phenom piano player, then his label moulded him into this sexy crooner. After he released a bunch of big band albums, he started to release the weirdest albums. He’s one of those artists who had so much talent that they didn’t know how to market him.

“Lost On You”
LP, Live Performance (2016) YouTube

This song is just so incredibly executed. The groove, the dynamics, the whistles, the shaker, the location, the solos. I feel it SO deeply that I just want to wail with harmonies every time I hear it.

“Motion Sickness”
Phoebe Bridgers, Stranger In The Alps (2017) YouTube

GAH!!! This tune kicks me right in the throat. The chorus lyrics and melody are just so fucking awesome. Also, I’m totally all about calling out toxic masculinity so this is my jam. Some would say that I may have some emotional motion sickness of my own, and I’m alright with that.

Tayla Parx, Coping Mechanisms (2020) YouTube

I love the soul and simplicity with clever lyrics. It’s SO HARD to write such a catchy tune with sass and smarts. She totally brings it in her live videos too. She’s the real deal, I’ll tell ya that for free.