Natascia is a journalist with CBC Saskatchewan. Originally from Montreal, she moved to Regina from Saint John, NB seven years ago. Since then, she’s become an unofficial ambassador for Saskatchewan — a province she’s fallen ever more deeply in love with as she’s discovered all it has to offer. A fierce supporter of local culture (including artists and music venues), Natascia is thrilled to have live music back. To celebrate, here are six of her favourite songs by Saskatchewan artists that she’s seen performed live. /Gregory Beatty


Megan Nash, Seeker (2017) YouTube

Megan Nash is by far my favourite Saskatchewan artist, and the one I’ve heard play live the most. I first fell in love with her vocals when she performed this song at a colleague’s house concert. This summer, I fangirled hard, tossing pep ‘n’ cheds to her on stage. Nothing says “I appreciate your music” like meat and cheese. VENUE: Ness Creek Music Festival

“Rush Me An Ambulance”

Poor Nameless Boy | Sleep It Through (2011) YouTube

This song reminds me that sometimes you just need someone to genuinely ask how you’re doing. It’s been a tough long while for a lot of people. Reach out! VENUE: The Exchange, Regina

“Missing Number”

Marissa Burwell, Marissa Burwell (2019) YouTube

This was my go-to brooding track the year it came out. 10/10 would brood again. VENUE: Bushwakker, Regina

“Country Girls”

Jess Moskaluke, The Demos (2020) YouTube

I didn’t really start listening to country music until I moved to Saskatchewan, and for a while I resisted admitting I’d been converted. Given how many times I’ve yell-sung this tune in the car, I think I’ve reached the full acceptance stage. VENUE: Gateway Festival

“I Wanna Be King”

Rosie & the Riveters, Ms. Behave (2018) YouTube

“If I dared to be a dragon with fire on my tongue … Everyone would listen when I opened my mouth.” I loved this group for their empowering lyrics, and how they acted on their feminist ideals as well. VENUE: The Artesian, Regina

Young Shahrukh”

Tesher, Single (2020) YouTube

I first learned about Tesher through a colleague, then worked on a feature about him, during which I was taken by the story of his rise to international fame. Having grown up watching Bollywood flicks, I’ve long had an affinity for artists who mesh South Asian music with other styles. VENUE: Regina Folk Festival