It’s pretty much all politics and plagues again

News | Stephen Whitworth | October 7, 2021

Let’s start with a quick shout-out to photographer, friend and Hero of Prairie Dog Darrol Hofmeister, who moves to Calgary this month with his wife Marianne. Over two decades, Darrol shot billions of photographs for this paper, including around 100 covers (number made up but accurate). We can’t imagine Prairie Dog without you. Enjoy your retirement and your grandkids, dear friend. We love you!

TUESDAY 7 Advocate for abused children Theoren Fleury was chastised by Brandon University for using his honorary doctorate to inflate his credibility. “With vaccine passports the pedophiles will know where your kids are at all times,” the former NHL star wrote in a Sept. 5 tweet. Ugh. The university’s criticism of the deranged, deluded and profoundly unhinged comment was sympathetic but firm: “Fleury’s significant contributions to exposing the rot in junior hockey, and to supporting other survivors of child sexual abuse through recovery, continue to deserve respect,” stated a press release. “It is understandable that he may struggle to trust authority, and that he may see dark motives in others’ actions. His recent statements, however, go beyond reasonable distrust and are a stain on his legacy, which saddens us.”

MONDAY 20 Justin Trudeau’s Liberals somehow win a second consecutive minority government despite 59 per cent of Saskatchewan residents voting for Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives. Huh. Shocking how our small province of a bit over a million people has such a puny impact on a federal election. Hopefully the Trudeau government will pay more attention to Saskatchewan now that we have exactly zero MPs in his government for the second election in a row.

In other fun election news, the People’s Party of Canada, which thank goodness was unable to elect a single fascist, errr MP, got 6.6 per cent of Saskatchewan voters’ support, which seems high given that this is a terrible political party with awful, awful people. Around 300 unmasked and socially snuggled Pee Party followers celebrated their Saskatchewan breakthrough by breaking public health orders in an election night party at a Saskatoon hotel. Saskatoon deputy police chief Randy Huisman has said tickets will be issued. Check this space for an update in two weeks!

TUESDAY 21 Very Strong Premier Scott Moe dismissed Monday night’s result, complaining how 90 per cent of his province didn’t want Justin Trudeau to be Prime Minister, like anyone anywhere else in Canada gives a shit. Moe also called the election “the most pointless in Canadian history,” despite the fact that A) that’s a crummy, antidemocratic way to look at an election and B) Trudeau’s win gives Moe — the leader of Canada’s most pandemic-devastated province (give or take Alberta) — an easy scapegoat he can dangle like a shiny toy to distract his credulous supporters while the province’s health care system burns to the ground thanks to his staggering inaction. I mean, you’d think he’d be grateful.

WEDNESDAY 22 Trudeau, Trudeau, Trudeau, Trudeau. Don’t you just love that name? Try saying it slowly: “Truuuuu-deauuu”. Feels sooo good. This news item is dedicated to rural Saskatchewan, with love.

THURSDAY 30 MLA Nadine Wilson resigns from the Saskatchewan Party caucus after reportedly/allegedly/supposedly “misleading” the government about being vaccinated for Covid (she isn’t). Also, Saskatchewan breaks its record with 601 new cases in a single day. Also, 88 residents died of COVID-19 in September. Following Alberta’s lead, some restrictions return with vaccination now required for indoor dining, except at McDonald’s. That’s not even a joke.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 5 We wrap up this installment of What Just Happened with the cheerful news that the do-nothing-and-let-people-die Saskatchewan government announced it won’t impose desperately needed restrictions on social gathering sizes ahead of Thanksgiving. Because of course it won’t. Damn you, Justin Trudeau.