éemi is a bilingual singer-songwriter from Saskatchewan. The Fransaskoise artist sets herself apart, she says, with her rich voice, minimalist lyricism and electro-folk tone. Recently, éemi received Western Canadian Music Award, Saskatchewan Music Award and Trille Or nominations for her début EP Honey released in April 2020. These are the songs she listened to on repeat all summer. Remember summer? /Gregory Beatty

Oscar Scheller, Single (2019)

Occasionally, I find a song that I play on repeat for hours and days in, like, a really unhealthy way (LOL). I stayed in Montreal for two months this summer, and travelled a lot to Granby and Ottawa — and this song played for 90-per-cent of those trips. There’s something about having a summer crush that you associate with a song, so you can live in that feeling even when the snow settles in. YouTube

Cudi Zone”
Kid Cudi, Man on the Moon: The End of Day (2009)

I “discovered” this song this summer while scrolling mindlessly through TikTok. A creator was presenting top Kid Cudi songs. Maybe it was that I spent my early 20s listening to “Pursuit of Happiness” on repeat, but I’d never heard this song off the album (back when we bought albums). The lyrics are probably sad, but it’s a feel-good song you want to belt out. YouTube

Odezenne, Single (2021)

I spent four weekends at Ness Creek this summer. There’s something about being in that forest that makes me feel so nostalgic, warm and happy. One night around the fire, this song came up on the collaborative playlist my friends and I created. The poetry and the bridge were so intense — it was as if the song couldn’t be loud enough. There’s a line in there, which roughly translates to “There are people in this world who don’t believe in love, I see them at every bar, they make water for the geraniums”. YouTube

Come Meh Way”
Sudan Archives, Sudan Archives (2017)

This played in the movie Babyteeth, which absolutely blew me away (you should for real watch it). When this song came on, it completely took me by surprise. YouTube

Fuck Things Up”
Dope Lemon, Honey Bones (2016)

That feeling of smoking and day-drinking at the beach on a really hot summer day with your friends. YouTube

“Run the Road”
Santigold, I Don’t Want: The Gold Fire Sessions

I don’t really need to explain why this is a summer song. It just is. YouTube