Growing up, Canadian-based musician nasmore ( recalls being constantly attached to his stereo system. From there, he taught himself the fundamentals of how to write and play his own songs. Here are six songs he considers favourites. / Gregory Beatty

“Still Loving You”
Scorpions, Love at First Sting (1984)

This song tells the story of a love affair where they recognize it might be over, but let’s try again. What amazes me is the simplicity of its design, where every sound, every syllable, is in its place. And when it comes to vocals, Klaus Meine is the one to deliver it to our hearts seamlessly. YouTube

“No Time to Die”
Billie Eilish, James Bond Theme Song (2021)

A modern piece of art written by Billie and her brother Finneas. I think it stands out for its great composition and outstanding vocal performance. It’s not that difficult to offer a decent vocal on a loud song, but it takes natural talent to sing quietly, which Billie mastered to perfection. YouTube

Imagine Dragons, Mercury — Act 1 (2021)

I discovered this song when I went to an Imagine Dragons concert. Dan Reynolds explained that the song was inspired by the loss of his sister-in-law, who passed away of cancer. Then I watched him sing it right in front of me. For me, it was a confirmation of how differently people perceive music when they know the story behind it. YouTube

“My Life”
Imagine Dragons, Mercury — Act 1 (2021)

Another compelling song by Dan. It’s dedicated to mental health issues and addiction. Musically, it’s crafted to perfection where every sound and move the artist makes is amazingly pieced together. It makes you feel and think at the same time. A great example of how an artist connects with the listener. YouTube

Neil Taylor, Come Out of the Silence (2019)

A solo project by the legendary Tears for Fears member and lead guitarist for Robbie Williams. It’s about a love between father and son that is very powerful. Neil told me he dedicated the song to his father. I immediately thought of my father, who passed away nine years ago. YouTube

Aerosmith, Get a Grip (1993)

Lots of artists sing about their troubled life and drug abuse and about climbing back to the top after they’ve hit rock bottom. But this song stands out. I interpret Steven Tyler’s lyric “…the light at the end of the tunnel may be you” as a message to use your talents and not waste any time. YouTube