Kristina is a veteran Regina rocker and the titular Kriss in her rock band Kriss the Sky. Under its previous moniker Sonic Orchid, Kriss the Sky released two albums: a self-titled 2006 EP and the full-length Love and War in 2008. Kriss the Sky recently released its second original rock single, “Dirty Games”. If you happen to be in Regina on Canada Day, Kriss The Sky will be on the main stage at Wascana Park. Here are six songs Kristina considers favourites. /Gregory Beatty

“Me and Bobby McGee”
Janis Joplin, Pearl (1971)

With her unique, heart-wrenching voice and performances, Janis Joplin is my #1 influence as a singer. I began singing this song in high school while playing in my family band, and recently recorded my arrangement which I plan to release in the future. YouTube

Highway Star”
Deep Purple, Machine Head (1972)

I took organ lessons for most of my years growing up and loved progressive hard rock. When I first heard Jon Lord ripping up his Hammond organ solo in this driving song, I was hooked! I instantly picked up Machine Head and learned it, as well as most songs on the album. He has been a huge inspiration to me as a musician. YouTube

Dolly Parton, Jolene (1974)

Dolly Parton is one of music’s most prolific songwriters. She’s not just an extremely talented singer/songwriter with a sweet angelic voice, she’s a beautiful human. This song resonated to me because of a similar past experience. I released an orchestrated piano cover of it in 2021. YouTube

“Slow Like Honey”
Fiona Apple, Tidal (1996)

Everyone has a “big secret”, as Fiona refers to in this song. All I can say is this song is sexy and beautiful. It’s perfect for taking me into a dream world while enjoying a hot bath with soft candlelight and drinking a glass of red wine. YouTube

Heart, Little Queen (1977)

Ann Wilson is another huge influence to me as a singer with her soulful, pure voice and I love singing this song live! Its soaring melody and galloping guitar riff makes me get up and belt it out every time. YouTube

Fleetwood Mac, Fleetwood Mac (1975)

Stevie Nicks’ songs have been guideposts for me and this song particularly reflects my indecisive nature. It also connects me to my dad, who’s always pushed me to be a perfectionist. Now he’s much older and each time I hear or sing it, I break down. YouTube