Harold is the founding guitarist and vocalist for the L.A. rock band The Flying Camels. Over the years, the Regina-born musician has performed with well-known artists such as Snoop Dogg, The Neville Brothers, Stevie Wonder and George Clinton. He’s also worked extensively as a studio musician, audio engineer and producer, and released numerous independent albums such as Halcyon Blues, Time on my Hands and Harold Henkel and Steve Kimock Live.

Recently, after many years on the road, Harold returned to Regina. “Rather than rattle off a bunch of super cool music you’ve never heard of,” he says, “I thought I’d focus on some of the wonderfully talented folks I’ve met while I’ve been here, so here goes.” —Gregory Beatty

“Built to Rock and Roll”
Johnny Two Fingers and the Deformities, Built to Rock and Roll EP (2017)

This guy is a force of nature. A born Rock Star. Our appearances together at O’Hanlon’s Pub and weekly jams at Shannon’s Pub (hosted by Dan Silljer) have been the stuff of legend. This guy is incredible!

“Bad Night to be a Beer”
Brayden King, Bad Night to be a Beer (2021)

Weyburn’s Brayden King is a wonderful showman, with a devoted following and a killer band. Recently, we played at the Railyard Saloon to a sold-out crowd. The dancers were going wild! YouTube

“I Don’t Care if You Don’t”
Keiffer Mclean and the Curiosity Club, Wish You a Happy Consumer (Release t.b.a.)

Keiffer’s excellent songwriting and soulful vocals really shine on his new video release. The pedal steel adds a nice touch of Canadian country vibe. YouTube

“How Could I Want More”
Conrad Bigknife, How Could I Want More (2022)

Conrad’s recent rise to the top of the country charts is no surprise to me. His recent appearances at the Craven fest affirm that fact. Kelton Chyz on smoking lead guitar is a rising star in his own right. Excellent work lads! YouTube

“Crash and Burn Man”
Bongo Bob, single (2022)

Bob and I recorded this song recently at Creative City Centre’s studio in downtown Regina, with Keiran Semple producing. Bob’s a wise old soul with a tale to tell and a heart of pure gold. Our live shows at The Cure and elsewhere have been a real treat! BandCamp

“Last of a Dying Breed”
Ralph Ell, single (2016)

I first met Ralph at Broadway’s Lounge, where we proceeded to rock like prairie thunder. A favourite local artist for all the right reasons, and a very nice fellow! YouTube