Grimelda (FKA the Faps) is the collaborative loud band/experimental project of Skyler Cafferata and Blair Colwell. This year the duo will release a string of singles leading to a new EP. The first, “George Thorogood”, is out now. Here are six songs that inspire them. /Gregory Beatty

“A Realization of How It’s Always Been”
Moneen, The Theory of Harmonial Value (2001)

I was listening to pop punk and radio rock and just kind of sheltered. One day I heard this track. Super noisy, almost Sonic Youth-inspired with harmonica and strange jangly drums. It wasn’t like anything I’d heard. I saw Moneen live and they were so personable, silly, improvisational — it’s that moment of realizing what live music could be and deciding it’s what I need to do. /BC YouTube

“Half Sister”
Protomartyr, Relatives in Descent (2017)

This has been my favourite band for the past few years. Dissonant guitars, and the drummer is unlike any other. The lyrics are some of my all-time favourites. It’s about the question of who owns truth, how truth is corrupted or co-opted by capitalist and colonial forces — all through little fairy tale verses. /BC YouTube

“Ode to Pete”
Tugnut, Ode to Pete (2006)

Saw this band a few times in Moose Jaw many years ago. Tugnut kicked the fucking door of my feeble brain down and I was never the same. I liked heavy music and played in a band but this was unlike anything I’d experienced. It was like they created this huge sense of relief that made me realize, “oh wait… so you can actually just make any sounds you want?” /SK YouTube

Eiffel, Blue (1998)

I’m not sure if this one needs an explanation. That chorus melody is literally unstoppable. I was 11 when this came out and can remember recording it off the radio onto a cassette that also had “Black Sunshine” by White Zombie. Must’ve listened to that mixtape every day for an entire summer. Probably explains a lot. /SK YouTube

Motherhood, Dear Bongo (2019)

We discovered this band at Sled Island in 2019. Motherhood might be the best band going. Tight as hell, catchy, mathy, with super cute little turns of phrase and albums that follow a motif and feel like a complete piece. We were lucky enough to get front row at their album release at Sled again this year. /BC, SK YouTube

“Chain Shot to Have Some Fun”
Melt Banana, Cellscape (2003)

There is no other Melt Banana. It’s insanity. This song could be any song by them. They should be one of the biggest bands in the world. /BC, SK YouTube