May 25, 2023 | PDF

Goodbye, Kyle

WJH | Stephen Whitworth
Also: Scott Moe, Donald Trump and forest fires

Two Steps Forward, How Many Back?

Feature | Gregory Beatty
Despite decades of victories, LGBTQ equality isn’t guaranteed

Baby Bonus Blues

World | Gwynne Dyer
Birth bribes won’t reverse shrinking populations

Fossil Fuel Footdraggers

Science Matters | David Suzuki
Canada’s emissions inventory shows we must rein in oil and gas

Origin of a Queen

Profile | Gregory Beatty
Chelazon Leroux talks RuPaul, Kent Monkman and drag’s double standard

Truth, Lies and Marriage

Film | Jorge Ignacio Castillo
Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ latest makes the case for rattled cages

Desire Denied

Film | Jorge Ignacio Castillo
Two teenage girls in love realize religion is a formidable force

Seeds of Destruction

Film | Jorge Ignacio Castillo
This Paul Schrader thriller has some good ingredients, by the recipe is half-baked

Episode 57: Mahna Mayhem

Television Man | Aidan Morgan
Muppet Mayhem, Mrs Davis

My Music

Cupid’s Heart
Agnes Obel, Christian Löffler, The Soul Survivors and more

Single Panel Comic

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