Cupid’s Heart is a north Saskatchewan duo belting out poetic and moody lyrics amidst a cello, electric guitar and drum machine. Described as having a Chrissie Hynde/Pretenders vibe with a pinch of Nirvana, alternative rock fits band members Emma and Stacey like a baggy sweater. On May 19, Cupid’s Heart released the second single, “Safe”, from their upcoming EP Atrium. They play Ness Creek in July. Here are six songs they consider favourites. /Gregory Beatty

“Atausiq – One”
Silla + Rise, Debut (2016)

It’s a wondrous thing when music can transport you. Silla + Rise accomplish this through their hypnotic sounds that combine traditional Inuit throat singing with modern beats and mixes. Transfixing and beautiful, “Atausiq – One” will leave you in awe. YouTube

“The Curse”
Agnes Obel, Aventine (2013)

I love listening to Agnes Obel while having a bath. Her music is as soothing as the warm water. “The Curse”, which explores the narratives of our lives, is a hauntingly beautiful song that’s thought-provoking and comforting all at once. YouTube

“Haul (feat. Mohna)”
Christian Löffler, Mare (2016)

At different points in our lives, there are songs we find ourselves putting on repeat — acting like a companion when needed. “Haul” was one of those songs. Drawing on the imagery and feel of water, “Haul” is a complex mix of electronic, strings and vocal that evokes a deep serenity. YouTube

“Fistful of Love”
Antony and the Johnsons, I Am a Bird Now (2005)

Sometimes you hear brilliance and recognize it immediately. This song met me at the mess hall at a Quebec Tree Planting camp. The singer’s voice is both powerful and fragile, and the song’s message is both complicated and moving. YouTube

“Mama Soul”
The Soul Survivors, Take Another Look (1969)

Here’s my retro pick: “Mama Soul” from The Soul Survivors. Soul music has always been a favourite of mine, and this song brings a positive message that I take to heart: “Just sing from your soul”. YouTube

“The Barrel”
Aldous Harding, Designer (2019)

This track beautifully combines the uncommon voice of Aldous Harding with poetic lyrics about life’s changes. She uses words like thread weaving into the fabric of ages. Harding’s songs feel like gifts to the world. YouTube