Casey’s first recording was released when vinyl and radio were the options to listen to music. Her passion for singing and creating music burns as brightly today as she continues to perform and write songs. Casey’s 2009 album, Rock Garden is available on most music platforms. Here are six songs she considers favourites. /Gregory Beatty

“Travelin’ Band”
Creedence Clearwater Revival, Cosmo’s Factory (1970)

Clocking in at a nose past two minutes, this song hustles through a touring musician’s day. John Fogerty is at his raspiest and his screamy “wows!” are only matched (and also inspired) by Little Richard’s. I remember wondering as a kid: how I could get my voice to sound like that? YouTube

Dionne Farris, Wild Seed – Wild Flower (1994)

Dionne is one of the best singers in the world. She can do all the vocal gymnastics possible, yet her gift is in how she applies her talents. “Passion” is the epitome of her taste. It’s a slinky, R&B groove that glides into a Zeppelin-ish grind and Farris honours both vibes as naturally as, well, a wildflower. YouTube

“River Deep, Mountain High”
Celine Dion, Falling Into You (1996)

Don’t listen to this album version or her Vegas clips. Go to YouTube, search for this song title on The Late Show with Letterman because it is stunning. Her performance, with Paul Schaeffer leading the band, shows how live energy and great musicianship can uplift a little pop song. Even the background singers getting wonky with pitch at the end only adds to the wonderful authenticity of everyone who contributes to this stellar performance. YouTube

“From Out Of Nowhere”
Faith No More, The Real Thing (1989)

I discovered this band while I was on the road singing in a full-time touring country band. We played six nights a week, travelled on the seventh and after a couple of years I was burned out, depressed, and lost musically. This album’s first track never fails to make me plant my feet firmly, jut my chin out defiantly and stand an inch or two taller. YouTube

“Living In A Dream”
Arc Angels, Arc Angels (1992)

A guitar player who can tell a story with his fingers on a fretboard leaves me breathless. When it’s two guitar players — Charlie Sexton and Doyle Bramhall II — combined with Doyle’s sultry vocals, now I’m also helpless. YouTube

Chappell Roan (single release 2022)

Kinda Alanis-lite, but not. Angry, bitter, yet somehow sweet. Above all, honest. I feel like there’s a magnet between me and this young woman’s music. Call me a fan — I just love her. YouTube