“I am moved by all things creative,” Stephanie says. “The idea is what matters, and I do what it takes to make it come to life. As an artist, educator, restorer and mother, this way of being has served me well, and it comes through in my musical choices.” /Gregory Beatty

Too Many Zooz (single, 2017)

Too Many Zooz are street performers turned international success story through brass house, which comes from their enjoyment of house music blended with unique brass sounds. The New York trio played at the Exchange last year and amazingly, my teenage son came with me to the show. That says a lot for their appeal. YouTube

“Big Yellow Taxi”
Joni Mitchell, Ladies of the Canyon (1977)

Whether you prefer the original or the remake the taxi taking away a lover is one message — but the greater lesson is the currently overwhelming concept of climate change, human love of automobiles, and all the destruction that came with them. Joni Mitchell had it right. We really won’t learn until it’s gone. YouTube

Nicki Minaj, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (2012)

When my children were small and I was tired I would pop this on the stereo and we would dance and jump and start the day with a smile. This song will always make me think of dancing with my children. YouTube

“Just What I Needed”
Scum Element, In The Night (1997)

This (skate) punk band originated in Regina but left forever ago for East Van life. When they covered this Cars’ song at whatever dive or basement they were playing I used to give myself whiplash. Unfortunately, one member made an unfortunate life decision and is now in a Japanese jail. I just want to give a nod to my friend and his hopefully soon release. YouTube

 Otyken, Phenomenon (2023)

These Siberian folk musicians combine traditional and contemporary ideas with traditional and contemporary instruments, dress, dance and delivery. Throat singers and drums blend with guitars and vocals that come from the gut, the heart, and a time machine. YouTube

Vancougar, Canadian Tuxedo (2008)

This song is about my partner John Henry FineDay who passed away from leukaemia in 2006. His cousin, Eden FineDay, is a member of Vancougar and wrote this song after we lost this wonderful artist, musician, skateboarder, father and best friend. The title is based on the science of leukaemia: when you have it, your #9 and #22 chromosomes split in half and change places. This creates the “Philadelphia gene” which cause leukemia. John Henry has a body of artwork you can see online or at FNUC. YouTube