“Wow, asking a musician for six songs — that’s hard to do,” said Saskatchewan singer-songwriter Connie Kaldor when invited to do a My Music to mark the release of her latest album Keep Going in October. “Do you go for songs that influenced you, or songs you listen to now? Okay, here’s a collection from across the board.” /Gregory Beatty

Joni Mitchell, Blue (1971)

She was from Saskatchewan, was a wonderful writer and singer, and was famous, so she opened the idea that it might be possible for other women from Saskatchewan to do it. This song is about longing to be back in my part of the world, and the freedom to skate away under your own power — that, in itself, was a powerful thing for any young woman at that time. YouTube

“J’ai Fait un Rêve”
Hart Rouge, J’ai Fait un Rêve (2001)

This is my husband Paul’s group, and this song shows their great family blend harmonies, and how they took the traditional and made it their own. It often runs through my head. I love hearing him and his family sing.

“Ring The Bells at Midnight”
Bim (with Connie Kaldor), New Songs for An Old Celebration (1985)

Roy Forbes is a writer I have co-written, toured and recorded with over the years. He has written many wonderful songs, but “Ring the Bells at Midnight” is one we always sing at Christmas with the family.

“You Were On My Mind”
Sylvia Tyson, You Were On My Mind (1989)

Sylvia Tyson, who’s just released a new album, has wonderful songs, but this one has been in my life the longest. She’s the kind of musician and artist I aspire to be — multifaceted, classy in all respects, a mother, and someone who has consistently created great work. YouTube

“I Will Not Be Conquered”
Eekwol, Good Kill (2015)

I’ve seen Eekwol perform in Saskatoon, and was blown away. This song is not my genre of music, but it’s powerful and I love it. If I limited myself to one kind of music, I would miss some great songs. Any good song influences a writer — not that you write in that style, but that you are inspired to write well. YouTube

Jesse Winchester, Love Filling Station (2009)

I had always admired Jesse’s writing and did a small tour with him — a thrill for me. What I love is how he took simple lines you might hear every day, and then placed them in a song in a way that made them poetry. He was an exquisite singer, unique guitar player, sterling songwriter, and a lovely man. YouTube