Sage McBride (far left) with her band Shred Kelly

Sage McBride co-fronts the alt-folk/rock band Shred Kelly with husband Tim Newton, and bandmates Ty West and Ryan Mildenberger. To celebrate the release of the band’s sixth studio album Blurry Vision, they’re on a 17-stop tour that lands at Capitol Music Club in Saskatoon on April 25. Megan Nash opens the show. To ‘set the stage’, Sage put together this top-six list of favourite songs. /Gregory Beatty

“The District Sleeps Alone Tonight”
The Postal Service, Give Up (2003)

I grew up in Minaki, Ontario — a 45-minute drive from Kenora, where I worked and went to school. When I started listening to The Postal Service, I would listen to this album on repeat for the whole drive — usually circling back to this song. I loved both the energy and emotion, and the song was a staple in keeping me company on long drives.

“Miss You Now”
Elliott Brood, Mountain Meadows (2008)

We are big fans of Elliott Brood. They’re part of the reason our band started in the first place because we were always going to their shows and catching them whenever they were at a festival near us. When our band began, we played our local festival in Fernie, B.C. with them, and they invited us up on stage to sing “Miss You Now” as the encore. It was such a life highlight for us. Fast forward to 2023, and we just toured together and did that song as an encore every night. What a dream!

“Motion Sickness”
Phoebe Bridgers, Stranger in the Alps (2017)

Just love this song and everything about it — the emotion, the delivery, the vocal treatment. I listen to it most days.

First Aid Kit, The Lion’s Roar (2012)

The harmonies that First Aid Kit deliver on every track are unparalleled! I first heard this song when a couple of friends covered it and it became a staple in my listening library — so much so that it was the first dance at our wedding.

“New Orleans is Sinking”
The Tragically Hip, Up To Here (1989)

My parents used to listen to this album on the five-disc rotation at our house. My best friend was also the biggest Tragically Hip fan, and I can hear her in my head singing this song when we were kids. When The Tragically Hip were on their final tour, a few of us flew to Vancouver and went to the show together. Of all their incredible songs, this one is tied to the most memories of my youth.

“Now or Never Now”
Metric, Art of Doubt (2018)

Metric is one band I have loved since their first record. I was introduced by my roommate, who was my coolest friend and always had the best albums. I didn’t think I could love anything more than their earlier work because it [connects] to so many core memories of my early 20s, and then “Now or Never Now” came out. The way this song builds is so key to what makes it a standout.