Waterloo, Ontario rockers Sierra Pilot have been climbing the ladder of success since the release of their 2022 single “Alive” charted in the Top 10 on CBC’s Rock Playlist for five weeks. Their most recent album, Phantom Pains, was released in September 2023, and their new EP, Karma comes out April 5 — the  first single, “Turpentine”, is out now. Sierra Pilot is touring across Western Canada on the “Gang’s All Here Tour” with rock legends Skid Row and Buckcherry, and stops in Saskatoon at TCU Place March 13. After this tour wraps up, the band heads out on a U.S./Canada tour with Pop Evil at the end of April. Here are six songs chosen by lead vocalist Taylor Leith that the band’s been listening to in their tour van.

“The Gang’s All Here”
Skid Row, The Gang’s All Here (2022)

How could this song not top our playlist? We still pinch ourselves because it’s so hard to believe we’re touring with these rock legends, playing in arenas and auditoriums to the biggest audiences of our career so far. We’ve been given an opportunity many young bands don’t get and we’re taking advantage of every moment. “The Gang’s All Here” is edgy rock ’n’ roll with a heavy metal heart — the kind of song that made Skid Rowfamous!

Buckcherry, Confessions (2013)

This is one of our favourite Buckcherry songs. “Gluttony” is from their sixth studio album and is the epitome of rock! It’s about over-consuming everything in your life, and it’s 100 per cent what you’d expect from the band — a sleazy, in-your-face rock anthem with a great hook and lyrics.

“Blown Wide Open”
Big Wreck, In Loving Memory Of… (1997)

This is one of those rock ballads that left a deep impression on fans at the beginning of Big Wreck’s career. I remember getting into the album in high school, a good decade and a half after it came out. As soon as I heard the song open-up and go full force I was hooked. The raw power and emotional depth of Ian Thornley’s voice on this track blew my mind.

“T.L.C. (Turnstile Love Connection)”
Turnstile, Glow On (2021)

Every time we blast “T.L.C.” in the van we are all grinning from ear to ear. Hardcore punk has never been this chill and downright fun. It’s got the perfect amount of swag to it. If you aren’t familiar with this Baltimore-based band, you don’t know what you are missing.

“Speed Demon”
Michael Jackson, Bad (1987)

We’re all huge Michael Jackson fans and have been listening to him all our lives. That might sound weird coming from a hard rock band, but his music was groundbreaking. “Speed Demon” is the most underrated song from the album. It’s a funk-rock jam with very Industrial and experimental elements.  

“Gift Horse”
Idles, Tangk (2024)

This is the newest song on our playlist. It’s a super-raw track with great production. The vocal is super intense, kinda trippy, and totally catchy. It goes from punk screams to this sharp, rhythmic style that’s almost hinting at some rap vibes. If you see our tour van bouncing down the highway, we’re probably listening to this song!