You probably have some questions about us. Here are the basics:

Planet S is Saskatoon’s alternative newsweekly (although we publish every two weeks) . It’s available city-wide, every second Thursday. It’s also free. Planet S is printed on newsprint at a handy 11″ by 13″ size, and is usually two or three dozen pages. Yes, people still like things printed on newsprint—our readers know we’re a balanced part of a complete media diet.

At Planet S, we cover news with special focus on local politics, the environment and science, as well as select major issues of the day. Planet S runs articles by great opinion columnists including Gwynne Dyer and David Suzuki. We also have a lot of arts and entertainment stuff, with strong visual arts and film coverage. Plus we’ve got Saskatoon’s best events calendar, which lists live music, movies, galleries and all kinds of other goings-on—making Planet S essential for people who are active in this city.

Our Best of Saskatoon and Best of Food issues (published fall and spring, respectively) are reader favourites and always spark a lot of excitement.

Planet S was launched in September 2002 and turned 15 in 2017!

Finally, Planet S is published by Hullabaloo Publishing Workers Co-operative Ltd., an independent, locally owned worker co-operative that also publishes Prairie Dog in Regina. Our editorial content is independent — we write what we like and our readers like it that way. We survive through a mix of paid advertising (which you can learn more about here) and reader support (details here).