Lingerie Shows are…..

I feel like I can do some mansplaining today. I personally define “mansplaining” as “explaining to men things that men don’t always understand”. Not the typical definition, I know. I think mine is a more honourable kind of mansplaining.

I have testicles that are, according to Dr. Gonor who did my vasectomy, average. (I point this out to allay trolls who will tell me things like, “grow a pair” or “be a man” or whatever uninventish, child-like response pops in to their perma-pre-pubescent brains). I can show you a picture if you need proof… but it would have to be in person because having a digital photo of your junk is idiotic.

Now that we have established my masculinity, here is my opinion on lingerie shows and the likes. They objectify women. Where do I get this opinion? The same place all men and women should. Ask smart people with relevant life experiences. So I did.

I am sharing the entire documentation of a recent survey in the image below. Please analyze it carefully and then read on. (Names have been changed because too many people are … well, you know)

Survey conducted in 2017. Yes, men. It is 2017.

Who are these people?

Jaime is a millennial working in marketing for a  Saskatoon owned and operated business. The business has a history going back more than 100 years. Jaime is bright and honest.

Morgan is a journalist who spent several years as a court reporter, listening to story after story after story about women being raped, murdered, sexually assaulted and everything awful that you can fathom. She was once told by a police officer at a crash scene, (please read in your douche-baggiest voice) “Honey, I love to watch you work”.

Taylor is a 42 year old single woman who owns her own women’s fashion boutique. She has not married or had children because, well, who says you have to do that shit?

Chris is a manager in a health region. She has years of background in social work (including a Masters degree), much of it spent helping women who were abused. She is also a mother and a busy community volunteer serving (or having served) on numerous boards in her city, province and nation.

Alex is a married mother of two (including a daughter) who has worked for 20+ years in marketing, retail and the service industry.

My mom was raised in the 40’s and 50’s and she is wise enough to listen to her children.

So – 100% of women I respect, agree – lingerie shows objectify women.

Historically, this has not been the consensus at the cheerleader table in the suburban high school cafeteria , but (to use their words) who cares what those bitches think. They’ll probably let their husbands do the voting, anyway.

If you wanna hear this from a woman… I think Tammy Robert, writing in Saskatoon Express nailed it.



Planet S Magazine is into year 15!

The current issue of Planet S Magazine is Issue #1 of Volume 15. That makes it our 365th issue. Kind of a special number. Imagine, you could now read an issue of Planet S every day for a year, and not read the same one twice! OK…I lied. Actually, you can’t, because I hold the only remaining copy of Volume 1, Issue 1. Check it out…

The last one – don’t lose it!

We’ve gone through 3 designs, a couple offices, too much beer and wine and coffee and tea, 3 printing contractors, 5 delivery contractors, 3 websites, freelancers aplenty and a load of great (and not great – one dude quit three days after he started) staff.

We’ve watched many local endeavours come and go during our run because publishing a magazine ain’t easy and it doesn’t make ya rich. But, if you have the right people, you can make something of value to the city. We still enjoy the days of the week spent slaving over what we think is important… independent journalism.

The purpose of this post is mostly to say thank you. Thank you to our readers. Thanks to our contributors and staff. Thanks to our partners. Thanks to our advertisers.  We coulda done it without you but it woulda sucked.


Civic election 2016 update.

Wow. city hall 2_9_0There are a lot of candidates running this year. And we haven’t even entered the official nomination period. Between Sept. 6th and 21st, candidates need to file their papers and then, have until the 22nd to chicken out. As of this moment, 26 candidates have unofficially entered the race. Yup, that is a lot. On the downside (or not), half the wards (1, 4, 5, 7, 10) have only the incumbent running. (4 and 7 have revised boundaries) 

If you want a quick source for questions like “What ward are we in, Delores?” or “What the hell was the name of that woman who knocked on my door the other night?” or perhaps “Where’s my friggin’ voting place?”, I recommend this page. If you want to hear what our Mayoralty candidates are all about, a very tall bird told me there is a public debate in the offing this fall. You did NOT hear this from me.

The election is October 26th. Thus far, none of the 4 candidates for Mayor have mentioned building walls, encouraged violence or revealed they have tiny little hands. Please vote. Voting gives you the right to complain and complaining is what the internet is for!

Saskatoon election FunFact – Jim Pankiw once garnered over 18 400 votes in a bid for the Mayor chair.

Harumph. Another icon from my youth is gone.

Gene Wilder died. He was old, I guess. 83…that’s old, right? Wilder hadn’t appeared on film since the ’90s. He “retired” from acting because the scripts he received…piles of them every year… weren’t good, in his opinion. Well, the script he received from Mel Brooks in ’73 was a dandy. So I celebrate, with just under a minute of my favourite movie of all-time.

Planet S has a new website!


Early this morning, in a field near Clavet, the new Planet S Magazine website launches its dedicated satellite.
Early this morning in a field near Clavet, the new Planet S Magazine website launches its dedicated satellite.

Welcome to our new site! We are excited to introduce this lean, clean presentation of Saskatoon’s City Magazine.

Since 2002, we’ve been offering unique perspectives, reviews and event listings to Saskatoon. Now, it is easier and faster to enjoy our exclusive content on devices of all sorts. Naturally, you can still pick up a paper copy of Planet S at about 400 spots around town. But – if you need to know RIGHT NOW what band is playing at The Capitol or you need a smart, engaging read to get you through the wait in your dentist’s reception area, we think we’ve made it much easier for you.

Much gratitude to our webmaster Paul for his efforts and much gratitude to you, our readers, for 14 years of support!

Have a swell day, friends.