Sunday Matinee: Commando Cody: Sky Marshall Of The Universe

sunday-matineeStar Trek turned 50 this week and while Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future has created a massive franchise, there was also an influential sci-fi movie serial series in the 1950s. Sure maybe it it influenced more laughs and mocking from today’s audiences and maybe it wasn’t as influential as say Flash Gordon or Buck Rodgers but Commando Cody still has his place in the history of sci-fi entertainment.

To start things off is the 1949 King of the Rocket Men. Now this serial wasn’t a Commando Cody serial but it first introduced the costume that Commando Cody wore in his adventures. King of the Rocket Men was about a couple of scientists fighting a mysterious evil genius named Dr. Vulcan. One of the scientists has invented a rocket pack with jacket and a bullet shaped helmet for the other scientist, Jeff King (Tristram Coffin) who also invented a ray gun to wear and go fight Dr. Vulcan. The serial was a hit for Republic Studios. Republic loved keeping costs low and so they recycled the costume and footage for their next serial.
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Sunday Matinee: Miller’s Crossing

sunday-matineeActor Jon Polito passed away last week from cancer. Polito starred in a lot of movies and TV but he was most recognized for his minor roles that he played in several of the Coen brothers films. 1990’s Miller’s Crossing was probably Polito’s biggest role in a Coen brother movie and he was fantastic in it.

Miller’s Crossing was Coen brothers sort of homage to the works of Dashiell Hammett. In particular The Glass Key and Red Harvest were used as inspiration. The movie starts with Jon Polito’s character Jonny Caspar asking crime boss Leo (Albert Finney) to hand over Bernie Bernbaum (John Turturro) who has been messing with Caspar’s fixes. Leo is sleeping with Bernie’s sister Vera (Marcia Gay Harden) so he tells Caspar no.
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