Author: Stephen Whitworth

DA: Filth City

Happy noon, Saskatoon! it’s -2 now, but in a mere 10 degrees it’ll be plus-8. Woo! Sunrise was 7:03, inching toward that 7 a.m. barrier! The sun will set this evening at 7:23, and since it’ll be around 5...

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DA: Ultimate Desk Lunch

Well hellooooooooo Saskatooooon! According to multiple reports, it’s -3 in Saskatoon right now on a day that’s going to get up to a balmy 0 degrees. You wanna know about sunrise-sunset stuff? Sunrise was 7:06 and...

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DA: Springtime On Sesame Street

Good afternoon and happy spring! The sun was up at 7:00 this morning and it’s staying up until 7:12 and that’s obviously fantastic for everyone’s psychological well-being. The high today is 1 and the low...

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DA: The World Is Round

Happy nooner, Saskatooner! It’s, uh, minus-21 with a minus-29 windchill. That’s the bad news. The good news: sunset is 7:01 tonight, breaking the 7 p.m. barrier! Wooo! 1. “KINDLY AND WELL-INTENTIONED MEN AND...

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DA: 100 People Party Planet

Good morning Toontown, what’s going down? Little windy out there, huh? It’s minus-13 with a snow situation and very pushy -24 windchills. You have until 6:57 p.m. today to get your affairs in order, at which point...

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DA: Levitating Helicopters

Happy afternoon, Saskatoon! My iPhone tells me it’s minus-12 heading towards a -10 high before things get cold this week, so get your winter clothes ready. Sunset is 6:55 (sunrise was 7:41); tomorrow’s sunrise  is...

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DA: The Final Snikt

Happy afternoon, Saskatoon! It’s plus-3 with a forecast high of five. Sun sets tonight at 6:50. Here’s some news links. 1. THE NDP WINS ONE Ryan Meili is the new MLA for Saskatoon Meewasin. If he still wants to...

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DA: Spirited Away

1. CHARLIE ANGUS THROWS HIS HAT IN THE RING Well, there’s the next federal NDP leader. 2. AMERICAN BACKLASH As President Trump continues his imbecile jamboree, the heat turns up on the U.S. Republicans who hopped on his...

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