Our most festive Best of Regina ever gets a twinkle-eyed host

Introduction by Santa Claus

Merry Christmas! Santa Claus here and if you haven’t guessed, I’ve been asked by my friends at Planet S to write the introduction to the annual 2021 Best Of Saskatoon special feature! Ho-ho-ho!

You’re surprised? Can’t believe a Bona fide Big Deal like Saint Nick shows up in the pages of Saskatoon’s alt mag? Well ya know, it’s true I’m very busy at this time of year but as a magical entity immune to the laws of time and space, I can always make room for a special project or 17! And when it’s something as much fun as writing the intro to Planet S’ 2021 BOS readers’ poll, how can jolly ol’ Santa say no?

The fact is, I LOVE the Best of Saskatoon! Santa is all about lists and what is this but a lineup of the Bridge City’s nicest people, places, stores and services? Brilliant! And just look at the fantastic peeps you PS readers voted for — people like Saskatoon’s Best Solo Artist, Theresa Sokyrka and the tragic hipsters of The 100th Meridian (Best Cover Band)! Let’s not forget local champions like Hassan Masri (Best Covid Hero) and committed, public-prioritizing politicians like our Best MP winner, uh, wait, None. Whoops.

Then there’s fun stuff like Best View of the City (Broadway Bridge), Best Picnic Spot (Forestry Farm Park & Zoo) and one I’m professionally partial to, Best Place To Buy Tabletop Games (Dragon’s Den).

There’s lots to discover in the following pages and Santa hopes Best Of Saskatoon 2021 will help you enjoy life in this city over the holiday season and into the new year. I’ve learned from your cards and letters that this town can be a bit naughty sometimes. But with its beautiful spaces, friendly folks, floppy-eared fauna and always interesting shops and such, Saskatoon is a magical place at its best.

Be kind to one another, embrace and amplify the best, boldest ideas, and do what you can to make this city the most it can be.

Happy holidays!
Santa Claus

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