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What is Best of Saskatoon?

Best of Saskatoon is an annual opinion poll operated through Planet S’ website. We want to know what you think are the best people, places and things in our town. There are dozens of categories.

What is Best of Food?

We (and you) love food and drink so much that we gave it its own poll. It operates the same way Best of Saskatoon does, but focusing on our culinary establishments.

Why should I participate?

First of all, it’s fun. It also helps make Saskatoon a better place by celebrating what’s loved about it. It’s a way of highlighting favourite things not everyone might be aware of. We’re always seeking more voters to broaden the opinion base. 

When can I vote?

Best of Saskatoon polls open in early fall. Best of Food takes place in spring. The nomination round lasts 4–6 weeks, followed by a multiple-choice voting round, also lasting 4–6 weeks. 

Why are there two rounds?

Adding the multiple-choice ballot attracts more participants — those who don’t feel comfortable nominating but who still want to participate. It also gives businesses some extra time to appeal to the public.

Who/what can I nominate?

Anyone or anything in the City of Saskatoon. It’s an open write-in ballot. However, we will not count nominations that don’t fit the category. Also, if there’s too little information in your nomination, we may not be able to use it.

When I nominate, a dropdown list appears. Do I have to pick from those?

No! That’s an automatic list generated by the polling software. Just keep typing to enter exactly what you want. 

How do nominees get onto the multiple-choice ballot?

It’s a simple matter of whoever gets the most nominations. 

What if there’s only one nominee?

We declare that nominee the winner by acclamation. 

That’s a lot of categories. Do I have to fill them out in one go?

No, you can come back anytime and continue where you left off. You can also continue on a different device. If you are not logged in, click on “Already voted in this round…”

Do I have to vote in every category?

Heck no! In fact, please refrain from entering things like “no idea” or “no one” or “my mom”. It just makes extra work for us in the counting process. BUT you must vote in at least ten categories (this is to discourage a “one and done” approach).

How many times can I vote in each category?

Just once. 

I made a nomination. Do I have to come back and vote for them in the second round?

Your nomination will count as a vote if your nominee makes it to the final ballot. So it’s best to come back in the multiple-choice round to see how many of your favourites made the cut — and to vote in categories you didn’t have nominations for.

What happened to that category from last year?

We change up the roster every year. Most categories never go away, but some are on a one-off basis, or reappear every few years. We are constantly tweaking the line-up, based on what we think you’ll be interested in.

Can I add a new category?

Not exactly. You can write and tell us what you think we’re missing and we might include it next time around. Please send email to

Where’s the SUBMIT button?

There isn’t one. When you enter each nomination/vote it is saved instantly (but you can still change it).

I’m having trouble. What do I do?

When you start voting in the first category of your choice, you will be asked to fill out the registration form. When you complete this step, you will be registered and you can continue casting your votes on the ballot. If you have trouble with that process, we suggest trying a different browser or device.

Why do I have to register to vote?

Mainly to prevent cheating. It also lets you return to the ballot anytime you want to add to or amend your choices.

What about my privacy?

The polling software we use is very secure. We only use your personal information for communications about Planet S contests and ONLY if you consent to that. 

Do companies pay to get on the ballot?

Never. However, they can buy advertising from us to promote themselves (which does not include any advantage except simple exposure). 

Can I vote for myself?

Of course! More power to you!

Can I promote myself?

Absolutely. Get onto social media and let everyone know. Hang a sign in your window or above your till. We even have some nifty resources to help you do all this. We also offer paid advertising (which offers no guarantee of being a nominee, finalist or winner).

Can I get my friends and relatives in other provinces/countries to vote for me?

That wouldn’t be fair, would it? Participation is limited to Saskatchewan residents. 

How are the final winners chosen?

Whoever gets the most votes, wins. Second and third place are also up for grabs. Planet S does not pick and choose. It’s all up to you! 

How do I find out who the winners are?

The winners will be announced in a special edition of Planet S — Best of Saskatoon in December and Best of Food in June — as well as on our website. First, second and third place finalists will be listed, as well as runners-up. These results stay online all year round.

Are there other “Best of” contests?

Planet S’ Best of Saskatoon and Best of Food are Saskatoon’s only official opinion polls on the city’s best stuff.

I got an email from a company selling Best of Saskatoon plaques. Is that you guys?

No! Showmark Media is not affiliated with us and is trying to exploit the situation. Please contact Planet S directly to get your free, official (much nicer) certificate:

I have a question that wasn’t answered here.

Drop us a line at and we’ll try to help.