Are you a Best of Saskatoon 2020 winner or runner-up? Leverage your success with these promotions.

1. Thank-You Ad

A print ad in the Best of Saskatoon 2020 results issue (December 10)

Sample Thank-You Ad

It’s one of the most anticipated issues of the year! This special edition features extensive coverage of all the winners and runners-up. Show your appreciation to those who voted for you!

  • 1/10 page: $229
  • 1/8 page: $398
  • 1/6 page: $509
  • 1/4 page: $660 Free web ad
  • 1/3 page: $853 Free web ad
  • 3/8 page: $1,017 Free web ad
  • 1/2 page: $1,225 Free web ad
  • 5/8 page: $1,417 Free web ad
  • 3/4 page: $1,818 Free web ad
  • Full Page: $2,045 Free web ad

FREE UPSIZE! Combine this with a Gallery of Winners ad (see below) and get a free upsize. For example, receive a 1/3-page ad for the price of a 1/4-page ad.

FREE WEB AD! Purchase a 1/4-page ad or larger and receive a web version of your ad that will run for an entire year on the Best of Saskatoon web page (visited by thousands of potential shoppers every year). Your ad will appear alongside the category you were nominated in.

FREE AD DESIGN If needed, we can create an original, professional ad for you (for this and any of the following promotions).

2. Gallery of Winners

Sample Gallery

A year-long print promotion. 

WINNERS ONLY. This is a print feature that runs monthly in Planet S, starting January 2021. It features a showcase of Best of Saskatoon winners, all identified by their winning category. You get a 4.67″ by 2.25″ display ad for an entire year — for only $199 per month.

See right for a sample gallery. Click to enlarge.

SPECIAL OFFER: Combine this with a Thank-You Ad (see above) and receive a gallery spot for only $149 per month as well as receiving a free upsize on the Thank-You Ad!

STANDALONE OPTION: Want to stand out from the crowd? Have your gallery ad appear alone in the paper instead of in a grouped showcase. It has a larger “Official Winner” banner displaying the category you won.  The ad is 4.67″ by 2.25″ with a 3/4″ banner on top, adding up to a 1/8-page ad (regular price: $299-$338). Prices and offers remain the same as a standard gallery ad.

Sample Standalone

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