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Best of Food 2019

In the weeks ahead, thousands of loyal Planet S readers will be flocking to our Best of Food online poll to vote on their favourite Saskatoon restaurants, bars, cafes, stores, services and industry folk. Once again we are offering display advertising right on the ballot, throughout the run of the poll. Ad design is free. Don’t miss this great opportunity to expand your reach!

DATES: The nomination round is January 10 – February 19, 2019. The top nominees then move on to the voting round, which is February 25 – April 8. Then on May 23, all the winners and runners-up will be published online and in print.

Here are your web promotion options: 

1. Sponsorship: $699 SOLD!

You get a display ad (600 × 120 pixels) at the top of the ballot, with a “sponsored by” caption. Additionally, your company/organization will be tagged in all social media promotions. Only one sponsorship is available.

2. section Ad: $299

You get a display ad (600 × 75 pixels) at the top of a ballot section of your choice (pending availability). The ballot’s 100+ categories are grouped into the following sections:

  1. Starters & Sides
  2. Meals
  3. Restaurants
  4. International SOLD!
  5. Pizza
  6. Booze & Pubs SOLD!
  7. Coffee SOLD!
  8. Breakfast
  9. People
  10. Socializing
  11. Neighbourhoods
  12. Shopping & Services SOLD!

Only one advertiser per section. Ask about discounts for multiple section placements

3. Category Ad: $149

You get a display ad (360 × 90 pixels) at the top of one poll category of your choice (pending availability). There are over 100 categories to pick from. Only one advertiser per category. Ask about discounts for multiple category placements.

4. Featured entrant: $79

Have you been nominated? If so, congrats! You have a unique opportunity  to promote yourself. Get a featured information card on the ballot in the category you were nominated for (sample below). This card can have any of the following: text description (max 50 words), address (linked to Google Maps), phone, website link, Facebook link, Twitter link, photo. The feature card appears above the other entrants. This price is per entry. If you have been nominated in multiple categories, each category counts as a separate entry.

5. Sidebar Ad: $399


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