Best of Food Promotions

Best of Food 2021

From February to April 2021, thousands of Planet S readers will be flocking to our Best of Food online poll to nominate, and then vote for, their favourite culinary establishments. Now is your chance to grab some attention from hungry Saskatonians!

Public Awareness

We’ll do our part to raise awareness of the the poll, including:

  • High visibility promos in Planet S magazine
  • Social media posts across Planet S channels
  • Facebook Ads
  • E-newsletter invitations
  • Promotional video
  • Radio Ads

What You Can Do

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Increase your visibility to voters. Consider purchasing advertising (see below). There’s something for every budget. Don’t miss the money-saving bundles!

Two Marketing Campaigns

1. Nomination Round: February 1 to March 15 (6 weeks)
The public submits nominations in an open field for 100+ categories. Nominees with the most nominations move on to the voting round. 

2. Voting Round: March 22 to May 7 (6 weeks + 4 day)
The public votes on a multiple-choice ballot of the top nominees. They get one vote per category.

All the results will be published on July 8, 2021. All winners are entitled to an official certificate identifying the category (or categories) they won.

Promotion Options

Below are our à la carte options. Skip to the money-saving bundles.

  • Graphic design is available for free.
  • All web ads scale responsively to desktop and mobile display.
  • Prices below are for one promotion – ask about discounts for multiples.

1. Ballot Section Ad

  • 1 Round (6 weeks): $299
  • 2 Rounds (12 weeks): $598

You get a web ad (600 × 75 pixels) at the top of a ballot section of your choice (only one advertiser per section). The ballot’s categories are grouped into the following sections:

  • Breakfast (breakfast spots)
  • Coffee Break (cafes)
  • Quick Bites (sandwich & burger places)
  • Full Meals (mainstream restaurants)
  • Around the World (ethnic restaurants)
  • Drinks and a Bite (pubs)
  • Around Town (any restaurant)
  • Take it Home (takeout and shopping)

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2. Ballot Category Ad

  • 1 Round (6 weeks): $199
  • 2 Rounds (12 weeks): $398

You get a web ad (360 × 90 pixels) at the top of one poll category of your choice (pending availability). There are over 100 categories to pick from.

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3. Ballot Featured Entrant

  • Voting Round only (6 weeks): $99

Have you been nominated? If so, congrats! You have a unique opportunity  to promote yourself. Get a featured information card on the ballot in the category you were nominated for (see sample below). This card can have any of the following: text description (max 50 words), address (linked to Google Maps), phone, website link, Facebook link, Twitter link, photo. The feature card appears above the other entrants. This price is per entry. If you have been nominated in multiple categories, each category counts as a separate entry.

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4. Website Sidebar Ad

  • 1 Round (6 weeks): $399
  • 2 Rounds (12 weeks): $798

You get a web ad (300 × 250 pixels) on the sidebar of Only five sidebar slots are available! Sidebar ads, unlike the ballot ads, appear on ALL pages of the website. 

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5. E-Newsletter Sponsorship

  • Logo for 1 round: $100 (six available)
  • Logo for 2 rounds: $200 (six available)
  • Banner Ad for 1 round: $200
  • Banner Ad for 2 rounds: $400

There will eight newsletters to our nearly 11,000 subscribers (four per round).

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6. Print Ad

  • 1/8 page: $398
  • 1/6 page: $509
  • 1/4 page: $660
  • 1/2 page: $1,225

You get a full-colour ad in an issue of Planet S magazine (design available for free). Eligible issues:

  • February 11
  • March 11
  • April 8

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Save with these combination packs! For details on the individual promotions, see above.


  • $499 for 1 six-week round
  • 1 Ballot Category Ad
  • 1 Website Sidebar Ad


  • $699 for 1 six-week round
  • 3 Ballot Category Ads
  • 1 Website Sidebar Ad
  • Logo on 4 e-newsletters


  • $999 for 1 six-week round
  • 1 Ballot Section Ad
  • 3 Ballot Category Ads
  • 1 Website Sidebar Ad
  • Banner on 4 e-newsletters

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