Best of Saskatoon is an annual tradition in the Bridge City. Thousands of Saskatonians nominate and vote for their favourite people, places, shops and events. Are you in the running? To get those votes, you need increase your visibility, rally your fans and remind them to go to the online poll and click your name! Here are a few ideas…

1. Print a poster

A simple way to nudge your fans is to print a poster and display it on your premises (windows are good). Just click the image below to get a printable letter-sized PDF.

2. Post on Social Media

Motivate your fans by actively posting on your feeds. Here is an example:

Vote for us in Planet S’ Best of Saskatoon 2023 poll! #BOS2023

It’s often a good idea to tell your audience which category to go to.

Support your posts with an image. You can use the ones below.

3. DIY

Create your own promotions! Below is the official logo you are free to use (but do not alter it).

Direct your audience to “” or “”

A note on votes: Voters get only one vote per category. So don’t encourage them to vote for you multiple times; they won’t be able to.

Nomination Round: September 1–25, 2023
Voting Round: October 2–30, 2023
Results Issue: December 14, 2023