DA: More Like Bill O’BYE-ly

Daily AggregationHappy afternoon Saskertoon! It’s been awhile! Soooo: it’s 11°C and my cell phone says that’s as good as it’s going to get. The sun came up this morning at 6:00 on the dot and sets tonight at 8:12 p.m. for 14 hours and 12 minutes of glorious daylight. Here’s a pile of news I found.

1. FEDS INVEST IN NORTHERN MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT $1.2 million between two bands doesn’t seem like a whole heck of a lot, but hopefully it’ll help.

2. OPENING WOUNDS It blows my mind that anyone is still defending police who, according to a public inquiry, picked up Neil Stonechild and dropped him off in a Saskatoon field, where he froze to death. You can refresh your memory on the case here, and if you’re wondering about cops’ credibility, you can read this story about someone with a Saskatoon police computer who changed Wikipedia’s “Starlight Tours” entry.

3. REFUGEES AND PREDATORS The RCMP have charged a Regina woman with human smuggling involving people anxious to get out of the United States (or as the CBC puts it, “droves of asylum seekers … making their way north into Canada from the U.S. in the wake of Donald Trump’s election as president.”

4. FRACK FRACK QUAKE Fracking in British Columbia caused 767 earthquakes between 2014 and 2015. Fracking causes earthquakes. What are we doing. We have got to kick the fossil fuel monkey.

5. IRONIES ABOUND AS BIGOTS FREAK OUT OVER SCHOOL PRAYERS A Toronto school board gave Muslim students prayer space and now critics are losing their minds. A lot of no-prayer-in-the-classroom type atheists like me tend to be for it (because come on, it’s NOT a school-endorsed-or-mandated class prayer, it’s a compassionate, tolerant and no-skin-off-my-nose accommodation) while people who would love to see the Lord’s Prayer recited in classrooms are opposed (which I have no evidence for that but it’s true).




9. BYE-BYE BILL O’REILLY Fox News is dumping him. Good. O’Reilly’s been an angry, toxic person who infects viewers with his hateful worldview. Would love to see the end of his career.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Stephen Whitworth edits Planet S from a secret base in the Mutara Nebula.

2 thoughts on “DA: More Like Bill O’BYE-ly”

  1. 1) Better than 0.
    2) If new evidence has truly come to light on this 27 year old tragic event, then maybe a small review is in order as long as doesn’t turn into another big inquiry.
    3) At least some in RCMP are taking this seriously compared to our naive Fed Liberal Gov’t.
    4) Fracking isn’t going to stop as long as it’s viable. Perhaps exclusion zones are the best answer.
    5) It only became a problem when the school’s decided to “accommodate.” Scary word, isn’t it?
    6) Only now they are after Trump became President?
    7) Can we have a Trump break?
    8) Don’t you hate it when good role model sports players become so bad & suicidal?
    9) O’REILLY made his millions. Fame, power & fortune got to his head, got corrupted & became nearly untouchable. Treated others like they were beneath him. Does this remind you of a certain current President? Time for a permanent retirement. Right after his book tour about 20 years on FOX TV.

  2. FTA – I will miss O’Reilly’s interviews with Stephen Colbert. Stephen knows how to comedically roast him.

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