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Daily AggregationHappy May! We’re one-third of the way through the year. We “MAY”-d it! HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW. Anyway, the high today is 13°C and the overnight low is 1°C. It’s 10°C right now ( 12:39 p.m.). Sunrise was at 5:35 a.m., sunset is 8:32 p.m. and total daytime is 14 hours and 56 minutes. Let’s see what the Internet says is going on today…

1. MAY DAY VIOLENCE IN FRANCE The upcoming final round of the French election has emboldened thugs, who are running amok. Here’s more May Day news from around the world.

2. TEXAS PHONE COMPANY PROFITS OFF SASK PRISONERS Ick. Also, couldn’t SaskTel handle this, and keep the, ick, profits, and jobs, in Sask?

3. WORKPLACE VIOLENCE IS A TOP-FIVE PROBLEM The Workers Compensation Board says it’s the fifth-highest cause of workplace injuries. You can read more here.

4. WHO NEEDS TO TAKE A BUS SOMEWHERE WHEN YOU CAN TAKE A WEBSITE, WAIT, WHAT? Read about a comically inadequate “solution” for Saskatchewan’s soon-to-be-idiotically-devastated transportation infrastructure.

5. OIL BOSSES OPPOSE LEGAL WEED Dicks. Come on, no one thinks employees should be allowed to work while blazed just like no one thinks workers should be drunk. But what workers legally do for fun in their off-hours isn’t a company’s business. Oil companies don’t own their workers.

6. THE NORTHERN TEACHER EDUCATION PROGRAM ENDS NORTEP is done as its last class graduates in LaRonge. People are sad.

7. WARM WATERS There’s a good chance we’ll get an El Nino event this year. Again. Let’s hear it for hurricanes, blizzards and record temperatures!

8. CAUCASIAN MALE SHOOTS UP SAN DIEGO POOL PARTY “He had his beer in one hand and his gun in the other,” said one witness. One woman was killed. The victims were Black and Hispanic. The shooter was killed by police. The beer wasn’t identified. Theories/guesses in the comments.


10. ALBERTA NDP GOVERNMENT KEEPS TABS ON FOI REQUESTS. Tsk. Wonder if the Sask Party does this? Can’t imagine them not.

11. “A GAUNTLET OF ENEMIES OF THE IMAGINATION” Music legend Nick Cave says he’s not going to write any more movie scripts because Hollywood is stultifying. I’m still sad his Gladiator 2 idea never saw movie screens. If you’re going to write a sequel to a movie that isn’t built for one, you’ve gotta think outside the box. Way outside.

12. “A WRECKING BALL RIGHT OUT OF THE GATE” Trump and the environment.

VIDEO: ONE REASON THE MATRIX WAS REALLY GOOD I enjoyed this video essay on the film’s scene-to-scene transitions. Recommended for fans of the movie and film in general.

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One thought on “DA: Remember The Matrix”

  1. 2) Ick! No! Up until 2010 SaskTel Operators used to process collect calls from prisons & yes generated revenue.
    However, they were using nearly 20 year old pieces of computer equipment running windows 95 prior to the 411 automation upgrades. SaskTel didn’t have the proper service equip or infrastructure in place to handle call recording from prisons/jails at the time nor could they upgrade in a timely manner with the costs involved. So that’s why a “Private” company won the bid because they already had the ability to process and record collect calls from prisons. Several of the SaskTel Operators were glad they didn’t have to handle prison collect calls anymore. And the further automation made SaskTel Operators even more obsolete. Most of the ex operators have moved into other roles within SaskTel or retired. The remaining low call volumes for operator services or 411 DA have been taken over by the SecureTek Division.
    4) Same thing could be said for UBER.

    Matrix memories!

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