Get Home Safe, Saskatchewan

Nov 23, Dec 7, Dec 21 issues

Once again this holiday season Prairie Dog and Planet S magazines will be raising awareness of impaired driving through a print and online campaign. Topics include:

  • The results so far from the legal changes in 2017,
  • the prospect of ride-sharing options on the horizon,
  • a look at the challenges ahead with new marijuana legislation, and
  • the options for planning a safe ride home.

Like last year, we are looking for sponsors to help us spread this important message.

THE PRINT FEATURE will run in the November 23rd, December 7th and December 21st issues of Prairie Dog and Planet S magazines, reaching nearly 120,000 readers in Regina and Saskatoon.

ONLINE: We will be promoting the feature digitally, through social media, an email campaign and web ads. The feature will also be viewable on the Prairie Dog and Planet S websites.

NEW THIS YEAR: We’ve expanded the campaign from 4 weeks to 6 weeks (Nov. 23 – Jan. 3), to cover more of the holiday season.

CONTESTING: To make the feature more interactive, readers will be asked through a social media campaign to pledge to not drink and drive this holiday season. To enter, they must tell us the method they plan to use to get home (e.g. “Take a cab”). Each week of the six week campaign we’ll pick one winner who will receive a  gift card for a taxi or car service.

Promotion Opportunities

1. Sponsorship

  • Your logo (approx 1′′ × 1′′) will be featured in a “Sponsored by” section of the three-issue print feature. It will also be visible on the online “flipbook” versions of the issues.
  • Your hyperlinked logo will be included in an email campaign to our 10,000 subscribers, promoting the feature and encouraging them to make the pledge not to drive impaired.
  • Your organization will be tagged in Facebook and Twitter posts to our combined 25,000+ followers.
  • Only $499 for two cities, three issues
  • $250 for one city, three issues

Have a look

2. Display Ad

  • A print ad in the Get Home Safe feature, appearing in three issues over the holiday season.
  • A web ad (300×250 pixels) on Prairie Dog and Planet S websites, running Nov. 23 to Jan. 3.
  • Your print ad will also be featured on and, our dedicated print advertiser-only sites (Nov. 23 to Jan. 3).

Print Ad Options:

  • Eighth-page: $1,794
  • Quarter-page: $2,970
  • Half-page: $5,514
  • Full page: $9,204

These prices are for two cities. For one-city bookings take 50% off.

3. Combo

Get a sponsorship and a display ad for even more savings! This is for all three issues and includes all the online benefits mentioned above. NOTE: The print ad does not have to be in the Get Home Safe section; it can be anywhere in the issue.

  • Eighth-page + Sponsorship: $2,193 ($3,637 value)
  • Quarter-page + Sponsorship: $3,369 ($5,209 value)
  • Half-page + Sponsorship: $5,913 ($8,599 value)
  • Full page + Sponsorship: $9,603 ($13,519 value)

These prices are for two cities. For one-city bookings take 50% off.

Act Now!

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