Get Home Safe, Saskatchewan


Once again this holiday season Planet S and Prairie Dog magazines will be raising awareness of impaired driving through a print and online campaign. Like last year, we are looking for sponsors to help us spread this important message.

THE PRINT FEATURE will run in the November 19 and December 10 issues of Planet S and Prairie Dog magazines, reaching nearly 100,000 readers in Saskatoon and Regina.

ONLINE: We will be promoting Get Home Safe digitally, through social media, an email campaign, web ads and an interactive educational quiz. The Get Home Safe feature will also be available to read in its entirety as a “web book” on the Planet S and Prairie Dog websites. See last year’s.

QUIZ CONTEST: In order to increase reader engagement and boost the educational aspect, we’ve developed an online quiz contest. Each week of the three-week campaign we’ll pick one winner who will receive a gift card for a taxi or car service. The quiz runs November 19 to December 28 and will be promoted on our websites and through an email campaign.

Promotion Opportunities

1. Sponsorship


  • Your logo (at least 1″ × 1″) will be featured in a “Sponsored by” section of the two-issue print feature.
  • Your organization will be tagged in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts to our combined 27,500+ followers.
  • Your logo will be visible in the Get Home Safeweb book.See the 2019 edition here.
  • Your hyperlinked logo will be included in an email campaign to our many subscribers (11,000+ in Saskatoon, 9,700+ in Regina), promoting the feature and encouraging readers to take the educational quiz.
  • Your logo will be included throughout an informative and engaging online quiz on the topic of impaired driving (see above), custom-designed for this promotion. Your hyperlinked name will also be on the sponsor thank-you page.

Pricing (two issues)

  • $398 for two cities
  • $199 for one city

2. Display Ad

Have more to say? This package includes…

  • A print ad in the Get Home Safe feature at 25% off our regular rates. Appears in two issues over the holiday season.
  • web ad (300×250 pixels) on Planet S and Prairie Dog websites, Nov. 20 to Jan. 1.
  • Your print ad will also be featured on and, our dedicated print advertiser-only sites (Nov. 20 to Jan. 1).
  • Your ad will be visible in the Get Home Safe web book (see 2019 edition here).

Pricing (two issues)

  • Eighth-page: $1,196
  • Quarter-page: $1,980
  • Half-page: $3,676
  • Full page: $6,136

These prices are for two cities. For one-city bookings take 50% off.

3. Combo

Get a sponsorship and a display ad for even more savings! This is for all three issues and includes all the online benefits mentioned above. NOTE: The print ad does not have to be in the Get Home Safe feature; it can be anywhere in the issue.

Pricing (two issues)

  • Eighth-page + Sponsorship: $1,594 ($2,400 value)
  • Quarter-page + Sponsorship: $2,378 ($3,438 value)
  • Half-page + Sponsorship: $4,074 ($5,675 value)
  • Full page + Sponsorship: $6,534 ($8,992 value)

These prices are for two cities. For one-city bookings take 50% off.

Act Now!

If you are interested in this one-of-a-kind promotion, please fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly. Spaces are limited so please act quickly to reserve your space. Ad design is no-fee and hassle-free!