John Gormley To Global News: “What Do You Have Against White People?”

John Gormley, yesterday:

Ooh! I can answer the question! Global doesn’t have anything against white people. Global ran Andrew Russell’s story about the make-up of Trump’s cabinet (which is, factually, mostly white, male, and rich, which, also factually, isn’t demographically representative of the country he was (technically) elected to lead) because it’s news.

And that homogeneous make-up is, arguably, a problem — because a room full of white, rich dudes is saddled with a narrow range of life experiences informing their public policy. They won’t have experienced racism, sexism or poverty, and as a result they’re much less likely to understand ordinary people’s real, lived experiences.

So the make-up of Trump’s cabinet is absolutely a legitimate topic for a Global news story — especially after all the racist (“Mexican rapists”) and sexist (“Blood coming out of her wherever”) things Trump has said.

It sure as hell isn’t racist against white people, as Gormley implies.

That said: to me, if anything in Global’s tag line is conspicuous, it’s that it doesn’t mention how rich Trump’s cabinet is. But we’ll let that pass because Russell’s actual Global article sure does:

The 17 people Trump has so far selected for his cabinet or for posts with cabinet rank have a combined wealth of $9.5 billion including DeVos – whose net worth is estimated at roughly $5.1 billion, according to Forbes.

I wish John Gormley worried more about narrow-minded, self-interested business elites being handed the keys to the U.S. government by a horrible, horrible man, and less about imaginary racism against white people.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Stephen Whitworth edits Planet S from a secret base in the Mutara Nebula.

2 thoughts on “John Gormley To Global News: “What Do You Have Against White People?””

  1. I haven’t listened to Gormley’s yawn-fest on the radio for ages. Terrible ratings. Going down. Awful show. I have read his StarPhoenix column. Old-man lunacy. Not good. Given the events of 2016, it should play well among Saskatchewan’s cousin-lovers. So sad to see a public figure in Saskatchewan become a race baiting dick. So sad.

  2. I’m personally not a lefty. In fact, my lefty friends have many bones to pick with me. I’m just a kid who grew up in rural Sask and ended up in the “big city”. When I go back home to visit, I am stunned by the level of racism that still exists. But then – I find a little discussion goes a long way because people can be converted when they are outed publicly.

    For your consideration, ntrs…. your reply on this forum is a version of the same shit folks have been saying for years. You pound away at a political leaning because as your god knows…you’re the smartest person ever, then call people stupid, then insult the journalist with whose opinion you disagree. This makes you a caricature, thus nobody will ever take your opinion seriously. So – some advice… learn to express yourself like an intelligent adult and maybe somebody will give a shit what comes out of your mouth.

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