Anna is a multidisciplinary artist and music teacher known for her work with the Saskatoon bands Back of the Bus, The Whiskey Jerks and Mac Talla Quartet. When not working, she recharges by taking walks in nature, dancing and doing yoga — along with good nutrition, and visual art. Here are six songs she considers favourites. /Gregory Beatty

Ayla Nereo, By the Light of the Dark Moon (2019)

I adore this song, and can relate to every line — especially “Letting go — letting go of everything”. Stay focused on what really matters in life, and let the rest slide. YouTube

Kyle Krysa, Distant Conversation (2014)

Summertime as a teen and young adult involved staying out late with friends on the riverbank or our car watching the Perseid meteor shower or Northern Lights. There is such mystery in these experiences where one feels dwarfed by the universe. The spoken word in this piece expresses this and takes me right back to those times. YouTube

“This Treason”
New Jacobin Club, This Treason (2010)

This song embodies my love of epic storytelling, especially based on history, with dramatic metal flare! YouTube

Loreena McKennitt, The Book of Secrets (1997)

“Prologue” means “an introduction or preface” and having listened to this album over and over when it came out, I definitely associate this song with “beginnings”. I often include it in my personal playlists as the last song because “What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.” – T.S. Eliot YouTube

“Nabucco (Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves)”
Giuseppe Verdi (1841), Great Opera Choruses (1973)

My aunt and uncle invited me to stay with them in Yellowknife the summer I was 17. I was limited as to what I could take on the flight north, so I brought three cassette tapes. One was “Great Opera Choruses” — likely purchased out of a Zellers bargain bin in Prince Albert. I listened to this tape again and again, and the musical impact of this chorus (the first one on the tape) hit me every time. YouTube

“Thank You For the Music”
Abba, The Album (1977)

This speaks for itself. Not only am I grateful for this song (and all of Abba’s other songs), but for all the music I’ve had the opportunity to hear, experience and perform thus far in my life. Thank you for the music and bring on some more! YouTube