October 26, 2023
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Bigots and Bunglers

WJH | Stephen Whitworth
Conservative anti-compassion has consequences in Manitoba. Is Moe next?

Trashed Brand

Opinion | Emmet Matheson
Scott Moe’s anti-trans theatrics harms Saskatchewan’s reputation

See You In Court

Climate Change | Gregory Beatty
Sask’s Big Oil-loving government won’t admit its fossil foolishness

Good Intentions

World | Gwynne Dyer
Australia’s Indigenous Voice Referendum was doomed from the start

This Isn’t Working

Science Matters | David Suzuki
The climate crisis and rampant inequality show we need systemic change

Many Wild Returns

Science | Gregory Beatty
Tenacious Beasts is packed with tales of near-extinct animals making a comeback

The Last Lesson is Free

Film | Jorge Ignacio Castillo
Misfits bond and grow in Alexander Payne’s comeback

Pharma Minions

Film | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo
The reps doing the dirty work pushing pills get their close-up

My Music

Alex Flett